5 tips on creating an advertising campaign Facebook killer

While social networking platforms practically everyone now has its own fully integrated advertising system, Facebook still reigns in terms of features, ideas and spectators. As a company, this means that Facebook is the perfect place to start. Unfortunately, just because Facebook is a platform for advertising does not mean that all makes effective use. Many end up losing money and resources to pull down the drain, because they have no strategy or understand how to use. This is expected to you. All you need to succeed is a little knowledge of how Facebook advertising works and what are some of the best practices.

Here are my five tips to create an advertising campaign murderer Facebook:

1. Mine overview of the hearing.
Facebook Insights hearing is one of the best tools at your disposal. Basically, it allows you to learn about a specific audience before risking your budget or targeting. It works by extracting the data available and Facebook that shows exactly who your target market is based on people who already like your page.

Instead of taking a shot in the dark, now you know exactly what users are likely to respond to the call to action in your ad. much time and money is saved, allowing you to focus on ad quality and avoid wasting time targeting.

2. Create unique ad groups for each audience.
One of the best features of the Facebook advertising platform is that you can create separate sets of ads type of audience. In other words, you can create two different ads and deliver two public quite unique. Or you can create exactly the same ad and send it to two different audiences. Ultimately, the result is better guidance.

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For example, say you are a retailer that sells cookware. Maybe you have the mixture is trying to market to two different groups of a new really large stainless steel bowl. Instead of putting everyone in the same ad, you can create two unique ads and deliver two different target markets. The first ads could be targeted at professional chefs, while the latter can focus on mothers at home who love quality cooking supplies quality chef. The two ads will be completely different despite the fact that the same element is pushed.

3. ads with landing pages.
Very rarely you must log on to your site or product page ad insert without first visitors through a landing page. These pages allow you to maximize your Facebook advertising efforts by educating users before asking them to buy.

address landing pages as Facebook advertising is not cheap. You will spend money on their clicks and you want all count. Just send a basic website or a product page without any clear direction of what to do is a waste of money.

4. Using striking images
people teach courses on how to write ad copy Facebook is heard, but for some reason is not given the same amount of attention to the images used in these ads. This is unfortunate because the visual content is much more influential than textual content.

“You should not use an image of your company, product or service,” says Nicolas Gremion of Free-eBooks.net. “Instead, use an image (relevant if possible) that will catch the attention of people and ask them to read your ad.” Facebook says it can not use images that contain more than 20 words per cent, so it is clear that the images are designed to capture the attention not display a message. this excellent property of great value in your ad.

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5. Establish a bidding strategy and budget
Finally, it is important to establish a bidding strategy and budget. Otherwise the end result will be how to spend more than expected. Fortunately, Facebook makes it easy by allowing you to use what is known as optimized CPM.

With this tool, you are giving permission essentially Facebook to bid for ad space based on the constraints and objectives are provided. This usually allows you to maximize your budget and avoid overspending. Until you get an idea of ??how ad space costs and how to allocate your budget, it is best to leave Facebook to take care of this aspect of their campaign.

to assemble
Creating a Facebook advertising campaign murderer is all about understanding the platform and using the functions available. While you definitely need to think about the ad itself, you should start with the platform you use. Once you determine that you are targeting and how much you are willing to spend, then you can focus on the finer details.