Asking Girl For a Date and get Always get a Positive Reply

I used to be so shy girls Talking barbotine one made me sweat. It was so bad that if both converts Come to my mouth to say “Hello,” my voice went up several octaves. As you can imagine, this is not exactly me Fernando helps a win over the ladies (one for not being “attract” means make them want to laugh, Running, and / or hide).

My problems were not symptôme a common problem shared by many types EATS you: I do not ère confidence in myself.
Does knowing Sensation? Let’s give her trust (and life dating) a useful nudge in the right direction. This is how to ask a girl and get on itself (almost) all the time.

Rules of the game

Your posture should Cry confidence

Most men guarantee nonrejection even before opening his mouth because his appearance pas Expresses confidence.
These files some simple signs to help one remember the do’s and don’ts of posture.

Not do:

  • Staring at the floor
  • Cross your legs / arms
  • YOUR shoulders Slump
  • Shake


  • Keep your head up
  • Look forward
  • Shoulders down and back
  • Chest height

If in doubt, think about how much space they are occupying. Is it much or little? If you are not having much space, it is possible that you are curled up in a sad little ball (it just does not look confident). They take up so much space with his body EAT me possible to reflect that feels comfortable in your body (and this is expected Needless to say, but keep it within reason – do not go Sprawled on the floor in the middle of the bar or anything crazy !)

Clothes make the man

No, you do not have to be worn in the nontailored suit recently when asked a girl. But that does not mean you should look like a tramp either. Any style dress fits your personality, but it classy. shirts wrinkle, dirty shoes or other fashion disasters allowed. Do not worry about the details, but whatever you do, dress eats handsome and brilliant boy you are.

Gauging interest

Eye contact engaged

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If a girl catches your eye coffee, shoot a few harmless glances in his direction. Persist for a brief moment before turning his attention elsewhere, but not travel beyond the five-second mark unless you want to be a labeled vine. If you look back with a smile, this is a good sign that the feeling may be mutual.

Should not confuse kindness with  Attraction

The fact that a woman smiles or speaks you, past means that she wants to take their friendship to the next level, so no illusions without good reason. I’m not sure if a friend That the like or not? Invite one out and if she dés, “What EATS an appointment?” Answer: “Yes!” No doubt. Confidence is attractive (and even if she dés, “No” at least one will know for sure).


Keep it simple

Don’t try to be funny and forget to impress her. Women are attracted to men who are confident in their own skin, so bending backward in an attempt to “surprise” a woman is probably going to make her think you’re trying too hard. Take some deep breaths, think the same yes, “Not much,” she confidently Up one, and say, “Hello.” For bonus points, find something to compliment her (maybe she has a clean tattoo, with an expressive smile, or a witty t-shirt?).

No Popping the Question sound scary?

If you are concerned to seem nervous, let it make your approach as fast and painless as possible. From March 1 her and say something Come, “Hi! I know this is a bit random, but I just wanted to say that caught my attention. I’m late for a meeting / work / class / (means the idée ), but I would love to have your phone number if that’s okay? ”

Big Night

Don’t take a woman to the opera Sport

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Did you say yes? Candy! We will be ready to date, how nice piece of man, you. Do some homework before you get the big night. Ask about things EATS favorite movies, sports, music genres, and hobbies. In this way, you can disguise your research so small talk and will surprise you with a perfect night That one fits your interests.

Are you listening, ogling, or waiting for their turn to speak?

Keep your eyes on the eyes when he speaks. I like both breasts eat more, but resist the temptation. If you show what an interesting guy classy films, will have more opportunities to check those out later. And really hear it! active listening, smiling and nodding in the right places, and be prepared with follow-up questions That the show how thoughtful you are. files huge, so the first Szechuan, not a lose!

Keep it in your pants

If both are ready to jump in bed together after the first night, I will not stop you. Different women have different comfort zones when it comes to sex, so I can not give you a suggestion for sex when Sweep becomes a serious consideration. That said, pass push the issue if she is not ready. If you really like this girl, do not blow at a time of overwhelming libido. I know it’s hard to be patient but remember: everything is better when you have to wait (Plus it will be much more fun when she’s ready … I promise!)


No company Minds Games

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There is no “best” or text to call after a date, so stop over-analyzing it. If He likes you, she’ll be more than happy to saber you, no matter when it might be (Note: If the first date was a Grand Slam, it is best to say “Hello”, and the next day schedule a follow-up as soon possible because the momentum is your friend). The only rule? Nonsticky de la Mer. Trust is hot, so stay calm and cool.