Use these 9 tips to do what you love and find a company willing to pay the bill.

Here are the best tips to attract corporate sponsors Hollander:

1. Be clear about your demographics and your platform. Its platform is your message and your fan base – people who know or meet the people you know. Its population is the market that is looking, and you want to have market information at your fingertips. For example, if your market is women, we must know what to do or influences 85 percent of purchasing decisions, and are starting businesses at twice the rate of men.

To find the cost of eating and buying your target market. Search median income and educational level.

Consider your demographic publications read. Then ask multimedia kits these publications. According to Hollander, media kits will reveal surprising things about their demographics – all provided free.

Do not forget the marketing with a cause, either. “This is so hot that it is hot. People want to buy companies that give to the community. If you change your life in a positive way, what is the cause marketing.” Sponsors will be eager to get on board, said Hollander.

2. Having a great sponsor proposal. “Without it, do not even bother,” advises Hollander. “It must be quite convincing.” The person you show proposed to display the accounting for approval and a check. It is necessary to connect personally with their champion in the business.

Also, note that there is a certain format of how the proposal is looking, said Hollander. “You have to have a certain language and some sections.”
Start with a story. It could be your story, or the story of someone whose life has changed. “Whatever you do, tell a story. This will make the proposal to excel and make an emotional connection.” Hollander points out that there is a person in the company that you approach for a decision on sponsor you. “This person must take an emotional decision to give money,” she said.

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Describe what you do. This is your mission statement. In this explains why you do what you do.

Advantages. We must take great advantages for the sponsor approaching.

Describe their demographic characteristics.

Create an advisory board. “If you have no experience, surround yourself with people who have experience. Show prospective sponsors that you have a team.”

Ask money. “They do not ask to ask how much money you want,” says Hollander. “A sponsor once told me:” If I do not see a price menu, shooting. ”

Hollander offers a training class that includes staff of the proposal and the proposal of each student personally examined. “If you do not have to look over my sponsor proposal have someone who has done the analysis,” she said. “Otherwise, you will lose your time and it will be an exercise in frustration.”

3. Deliverables promise. Do not limit yourself to engage the media coverage. Promise specific media coverage: “I’ll give media coverage in the hometown business magazine has a circulation of 60,000 people who earn over $ 100,000 a year.”.

4. Do not sell yourself short. Requested $ 10,000 to $ 100,000 each sponsor. “I see people asking $ 1000. That will not cut it. You are dealing with a person well paid in a company. It’s not worth your time if you are asking $ 500 or $ 1,000. ”

Hollander also advised to apply for a one-year program, not just a single event. “It’s a whole year, because then you do not have to keep going to the well.”

5. Find the right person to approach in the company. “Ask the marketing department. This is the best place to start,” said Hollander. He noted, however, that in some companies, the department concerned could be public relations, community affairs, public affairs, diversity of suppliers or brand management.

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Whenever possible, Hollander reports submitted by phone, not email. “This is a business relationship,” she said. “There are talks, which not only send an email back and forth.” In addition, many companies have good firewall, and your e- email can not pass. “e-mail once you have the relationship,” says Hollander.

Try to avoid filling an online form. This is a screening device, she said. “It’s like the black hole in Star Trek where something happens and does not come out.”

6. Be impeccable with your word. When you are courting a partner, always do what you say. Sponsors to try. If you can not get information, I tell them why. Always be on time or early to an appointment. Let them know that you are a person of integrity. “You have a chance to make a good impression, and if the bridge is burned, you can not go back.”

7. Always follow. “Many people lose deals because they do not follow,” says Hollander.

8. Be brief, be bright and be gone. Ask what you want, but do not take long to make potential sponsors.

9. You can not help anyone until you help. Until you are financially secure and strong, you can not help everyone who wants to help. corporate sponsorships are a way to make you stronger and give you the resources you need, says Hollander. They also add to your credibility. In addition, he noted that meet their sponsors on its website so that people know that you play at a higher level in business.