How to get out of a Speeding Ticket in Court and with Cop ?

Getting rid of Speeding tickets from Cops

I’m thirty speeding in my short life, but I have zero entries on my record. Indeed, no matter how formal processes may seem, as regards the application of the law, you are always dealing with human beings with hearts and minds like yours. Appeals to them as such, and be surprised by the results.

Although I am a law student, I used this board before I went to law school, and my education has reinforced these theories. My approach is not legal advice in any event – it’s just my experienced point of view with some mixed law that said, here are my secrets to getting out of a traffic ticket in chronological order, from the point be arrested on their final choice. the courtroom.

Note: These tips assume that you are simply breaking the traffic laws. If you manage a kilo of crystal meth … well, if methamphetamine trafficking, you are probably not reading Lifehacker. Then read on, no meth-heads.

Blue lights stopped …

1. Get the right attitude.

Fighting with the police officer does not increase your chances of indulgence. Would you like you? Prepare to achieve this.

2. Turn off your car and turn on the interior lights of your car.

Place your hands at 10 and 2 on the wheel and remove his sunglasses or a hat. Some people have even advised putting the keys on the roof of your car as a total submission. Never, never leave the car.

The purpose of this is to take the unnecessary stress of the meeting. You want the official to be comfortable. Imagine the types of people and the dangers that most officials have faced. Be the contrary.

3. Be polite and do exactly what the good cop with the big gun said.

Save your applications until the foundations are completed. Many officers never talk to you until they have done the basics. It is almost a litmus test for the driver’s draw.

4. Once the agent has obtained your information, politely ask if you can talk to him about his violation.

If you know you broke the law, admit vehemently and tell the officer that he had every reason to settle down. honest officials admit there are a lot of pride in the police work, and if it can sufficiently satisfy the pride factor, sometimes players do not feel the need to punish you more. The better the feeling of the officers is created; it is more likely that you’ll like it enough to let you go.

5. Ask to see the radar and some questions.

Many jurisdictions require the agent lets you see the radar. Do not press if the officer says no, because this court is for. But at least ask, then ask a few questions to show you are watching.

You might ask, “When was the last time his calibrated radar gun” or “Where were you when you were my same speed?”? Or “I moved anyway you were my speed?”

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Do not ask such a tone argumentative or sarcastic, know-it-all way. All that will do is make the official pride to beat faster.

6. Plead their case.

Once you get past few basics with the staff and developed a temporal relationship, ask for mercy. To be honest, and let the agent know he is a big problem for you. They resist all urges to fight and get the angry and just order as much as their dignity allows. However, there is no reason to crawl.

7. Leave the scene as a nice person not memorable.

If the agent does not let you go to the scene, then you want it to remember him. The following steps are in a legal environment, and unless the officer reminded him better. Usually, officers just remember if you want to remember to show no mercy.

You have a ticket, but still wants to leave

8. Call the agent to work.

Ask politely if you can arrange a time to meet with the agent to talk to talk to him recently received a ticket. Usually, officials easily meet with you, the taxpayer, and this meeting has passed many entries.

However, do not go to the meeting and say, “let me out of this ticket” It is better to have a history or reason to motivate so you can let agent It’s just you?. but just be nice and try to fill that void civil servant with a personal story and ask for mercy. Over the agent can identify with you, chances are you want to show mercy.

Always remember, the officer has full authority to cancel your ticket, then remember how important it is in this process. Treat and continue as guardian of freedom. Do not be afraid, though. You have the right to try to talk to the officer. You pay your salary.

9. Write a letter to the officer.

Even if you met the officer, it can not hurt to write a letter pleading your case to him. Write professionally, briefly, and include complete contact information. I even went up to offer alternative penalty. Although this solution was not accepted, the officer was very surprised at my tenacity and motivated him to let me off the hook. they really cared about this ticket was given.

Make a draft law more for you than for him, but it must be done carefully this in a professional and civil case. Everything else, and you play with fire.

10. repeat request and letters to the judge and / or prosecutor.

If the agent does not listen, do not hesitate to contact the judge handling the case. So who is the prosecutor and call your office. They are just people, and the worst they can say is “no.” You have nothing to lose at this point. Plead your case to one of them, but not a parasite and be constantly apologized for the lengths to which they go out of their ticket. To be honest, or not bother at all.

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In steps, 8-10 is the risk of being labeled a nuisance or a troublemaker. If you get that impression too, then save with forgiveness. However, do not be afraid to try at least to talk face to face with the officials. They are, after all, public servants, and they are so public.

The court is your friend

11. Follow all court guidelines.

Make the clerk of his best friend. often call secretary, and address him by his first name. You want to ensure jobs for all “employees as easy as possible for the court. In addition, you do not want to miss deadlines.

12. Delay.

Once you’ve got to know the secretary, ask as many continuations (delay of his trial) that you can honestly ask. Do not lie, but defender continuations to delay the trial date as long as possible. The more you are away from official memory, the better. I heard of a case where the case was prosecuted, provided the official ticket had transferred automatically … case dismissed.

13. Calls alternative penalty.

Usually, their main concern is to keep your ticket for your insurance. Often clerks have authority for it to go to driving school and keep the receipt of your file. Sometimes you have to pay the fee and the ticket, but at least your insurance premiums will not increase. This depends entirely on the court.

You can not handle the truth!

14. Understand their judgment and their rights.

If you received a ticket, you have been charged with a crime. The official ticketing signed a paper swearing that some traffic laws has been broken and seen it. This affidavit is called an affidavit, and most of the bills said that in the upper part. Do not be nervous, though; it is only a misdemeanor.

First, you will have a hearing in which, not guilty, or another reason plead guilty. Then you will have your trial in his case is declared. Then the judge decides his fate. It is really not at all scary and has the right to participate fully in this process, no matter how they feel intimidated.

15. See the first court date and ask anything less guilty.

You do what you do, it presents its first hearing on time and dress decently. Probably not a good idea to wear a suit, however. In most courts of traffic, you’ll look stupid. If you really want to know, go to reach the court in advance to see what to wear to blend in better.

Then you will be asked, “what is said.” Pleading innocent is a safe bet, although there are other reasons (eg no contest) that have bizarre consequences in some courts. In some courts, a declaration of no contest has the strange effect of simply disappear your ticket to court records. What we want to talk to a local lawyer about that one, though.

Most of the time, politely say: “Not guilty, your honor” You will be assigned a court date, and spend the next few weeks to repeat steps 8-13 This is your second chance before the big day.. .

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16. go to court and fight.

If all else fails, then you should go to trial. Do not miss this fear, or you will definitely find guilty. For example, if the agent is not present, for any reason, you are automatically on the ticket. It is not unknown. (Editor’s note: this is not always the case, and if it can happen, which is never a guarantee See our article on the myths traffic for more information.).

Also, you might be able to talk to the agent or attorney before the trial and make a deal, like real prisoners, are on television. If the agent is nervous about his case against you, you can leave out. It depends on your case, but at least ask.

The process is fairly simple. The prosecution presented its case against him. You have the ability to react and call witnesses if you want and then refute the charge. You can not spoil it. In the worst case, you’re guilty, and you have lost nothing. Do not be afraid to do so. It is your right, and you should demand.

17. Suck, or fighting.

The judge will decide … you guilty, not guilty, or other punishment. Take it or appeal to the Court of Appeal. Rarely it would be financially prudent appeal safely decision of traffic, but it depends on you. And you have the right.

Most likely let you die here. Try to make friends with the officer and the prosecutor for next time, though.

18. Vacuuming … uh, I mean to write several letters.

It can not hurt to write the official and the prosecutor a letter saying how they were and easy to treat. In addition, the copy of this letter to the mayor and the police chief, and be sure to show cc: at the bottom of the letter. That’s their investment in next time.

Rage Against the Machine (without all the rage)

This material is not an exact science. You’re just dealing with people and try to get them to see things his way. You have little to lose, and is a fun way to learn to participate in the government under which he lives. I encourage everyone to use these steps, a friendly civil manner. Forget everything you learned about the courts and lawyers and policemen, and just go out there as a human being. It is your right, and can actually be fun and exciting. Think of it as your own personal crusade, and if you push, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to find justice.

Slow down there quickly. It is not legal advice. I’m not a lawyer, but I am a law student. These are a generalized discussion of life experiences, and legal declarations are simply journalistic opinion and fact. If you have real problems, remember everything you learned about lawyers, and hire one.