How to get famous fast: Hack real life for entrepreneurs

What if I told you that for a minimal investment of time could adopt a strategy that translate into three benefits that will change your life forever?

Three advantages are

Send up to the equivalent of a giant neon sign on you or your business (new or existing) shouting flashing “do business with that person! They know what they are talking about!”
To new business of your business, fill your pipeline with prospects prequalified and open the lucrative speaking, coaching or consulting projects (if you want).
Make your mom proud and green friends jealous.
What strategy could do whatever you ask?

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Writing a book published by a legitimate real-known publisher. The type of editor you pay for the honor of the publication of his book, and has a team of experts and tested and aligned, ready to help.

Maybe flunked English class …. is not a problem. Writing a book anyway.
Maybe you do not have a moment to breathe, let alone write a book … not a problem. Writing a book anyway.
Maybe you have on your list of “someday” … not a problem. The time to write a book now.
Now here’s the rub: You do not have to write a book for sale. In fact, you should not.

The first thing most people who want to write nonfiction books do not realize is:. Non-fiction books are sold based on what is called a “book proposal” A book proposal is a concrete document short and carefully designed, it helps to understand what the editor you want to write and how it will help market your book once it is released. for tips on how to write a good proposal, created for my webinar by clicking here.

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Think of it this way: A book proposal is published that a business plan is a venture capitalist. It is a way of assessing whether there is money available for investment.

All you need to sell a book is a book proposal. You can easily find qualified people help you write one, or come to our program live free online to learn the basics. Once the structure and the psychology behind the five main sections of a proposal is known, you will find it very easy to get started on your own.

Once the proposal is written, you will find a literary agent. We are everywhere! Make a simple Google search for the kind of book he writes and the words “literary agent”. For example, “book sales literary agent.” Most agents will then polish your proposal a bit and then show the editors of the most appropriate publishers. Editors to discuss their proposal with colleagues and usually several different vendors come back with an offer to publish. This offer includes a sum of money paid “up front” about the future performance of your book. The agent gets 15 percent and 85 percent hold.

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Then you and your collaborator, editor, or ghostwriter, if you use another person to help you, writing the book in nine to 12 months. Next, make sure it has built marketing systems to ensure that all leads generated by his book seep right into your business … and your bank account. Here. Faggot! You’re famous.

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