How to be More Social ,Confident and Friendly at Work/College ?

Becoming More Social, Funny, Talkative, Confident and Friendly to Everyone

If you become like this is one of your goals, here are some general tips on how to act as a friendly social person. A definition of quickie “friendly” would be nice to be and are interested in others. I define “social” and spends much time with other people and enjoy.

The points of this article describe behavior. If someone is naturally in a state of mind in which I love people and are interested in the world, most of the actions, then naturally come to them. The thing is to have a certain disposition is easier said than done. However, no matter how you feel, you can still perform these friendly and social behavior in situations where you have decided to do this is important to you.

The ideas here do not suggest it takes to be a fake, or need to suck, caricature or over-the-top of a “friendly” person. Is it discreet enough on the implementation of the points below? They should also be considered as a general approach to the way we interact with other people. A serious type of male type and sensitive artist can use the same basic concepts while retaining their own personality styles.

These points will be harder to do if you’re wired to be less social, but still want to act in a more friendly way out sometimes. Trying to do everything here, or go with each suggestion, it may be too tiring. Only those ideas that seem manageable apply and do not think you need the stop.

Here are some things you could try:

Start conversations with new people

If you have recently been introduced to someone, or if new people appear around, walk up to them and start a conversation. Even say hello, to ask him his name and goes, “cool nice to meet you , See you later around waiting” can be good.

Talk back to people trying to talk to you

Have you ever tried to make pleasant conversation with someone run in, and that made him fly to give one-word answers and, of course, it seems they do not want to talk about? Probably, he left thinking they were pretty unpleasant, even if intellectually knew they might have had a reason to be brutal. If someone tries to talk to you, make an effort to give something back.

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Take time to talk to people you already know

If you see someone you know, then go see what happens with them. Staying in touch with friends. Stop and chat with your colleagues when not too busy. Maintain your relationships and show that you are interested in other people. If you see someone you know, not avoid them because they do not feel like talking, or pretended not to notice because you are worried about the conversation can be forced. Go to them and talk for a few minutes.

Invite people to do things with you / group

Be loose and generous enough with invitations to people. Anyway invite people instead of waiting for them to come to you first. Do not feel obligated to meet someone for a long time either. If you seem to hear from you so why not ask them to do something? If you like your new colleague or classmate, ask if they want a drink after or come to your place to relax. If you are with a friend in the middle and does nothing, ask if they want to grab a bite to eat, or if one of you is, we suggest that they meet after a while.

If everyone at work will go out on Friday night, then ask someone who may not know about it if they want to come too. If some friends meet later that night, ask your new knowledge if they want to join you. If you encounter a classmate on the street for five seconds, tell him that you will be a place of Dan later if you want. Of course, when you throw invitations this way, they will not always be accepted, but that’s okay.

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Make an effort to bring new people into the fold and make them feel included

If you are with friends for a long time and there is a person out there, take the time to talk with them a little, instead of being further away and expect to make the effort to meet you. At the end of the mention of the night, for example, that everyone is seeing a concert in the next two weeks if they want to come. If a new person at work, fill the comings and goings on the general office and let them know that everyone in your department usually takes lunch together at 12:30. He mentioned that you and three other people usually play football on Thursday night if they want to participate.

People go where

If you are at work and everyone will eat and go well. If everyone eats lunch at a certain time and place, and then eat lunch then too. If you’re at a party and everyone is talking on the porch, go to join them. If you’re in a bar and everyone is running around on low couches, then it may be there also. Show that you want to spend time with people who came with. And once you are there, they join what they do. Do not hold back and do something else.

Spend more time with people

Spending time with people more often. Spending long periods of time with them. Spending time with several of them. If when you are used to seeing their friends, go to a few hours, try to spend half the day with them. If you only see your friends once a week, try to see more often, if they are willing and not too busy. If you usually keeps himself to work, and just talk to people on holiday, try to spend time with your colleagues a little more during the workday. If you see only some knowledge in special circumstances (eg, in particular, the class, a club) then try to get them out of this situation.

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If this advice seems that something you want to try, but work quickly exhausted in social situations, and worry that you will not last long, so you might want to see in this article:

When drained and tired easily in social situations

Make good small gestures towards others

Bring food or drinks to a party when he was not expected to do so. Perform basic care such as holding doors for people. Buy someone a drink or a shot if you’re in a bar. However, less is more. If you are too “nice” and give you can be taken for granted, taken advantage of, or comes across as if you try too hard to please everyone and make them like you. It also puts other people in a difficult situation because they feel uncomfortable to have as many free brochures.

Complete offer people

Do not be afraid to be positive and encouraging. If someone is good at something, so he told them. If someone looks good, or well dressed, and then say you believe. If you think someone is a funny, or interesting person then asked to know. Again, moderation is key. The occasional genuine compliment is much better than a steady stream of try-hard.

Make sure everyone is having a good time when you are

Without exaggerating and being a pest, save some energy for everyone has fun when you are in a group. If someone appears to be out of the conversation, trying to maneuver a subject that can contribute. Or if someone seems to mean something, but can not get a word in a lively discussion, casually say everyone who wants to speak. If you do everything an activity that someone does not feel comfortable with, try to convince them to join (if harmless and they know they will have fun once they start), or take a little time to explain the basics if not familiar with how to do it. Or perhaps help from another side activity.