How to block a number on iphone 4 ?

how to block SMS from any sender including mass messages

Spam is something that most people have accepted as part of their lives. Although there are several ways to block spam, most people do not care to block SMS text messages or spam. In Android, several impressive applications allow SMS texts to completely block spam or send them to a separate folder to check them later. But if you have an iPhone, there is a chance that you get a lot of email texts everyday and have not yet discovered how to block them.

Whether the text of the spam comes from a mobile phone number that favors the floors do not want to buy or from the sender ID like DM-DUNKND or VK-UBERIN, whose service could have used once a long time ago, But whose messages arrive every day like a clock – here is how to block them once and for all.

In iOS 10 steps to block SMS spam are slightly different from iOS 9. These instructions will help you to block spam messages.

1. Open the spam text in the Messages application.
2. Touch the i icon at the top right.
3. Tap the sender name at the top, located under Details.
4. Press Block this caller.
5. Press Block Contact.
6. This will block the SMS spam of this sender.
7. To unlock, go to Settings> Lock and Caller ID. Touch edit and then the red button to the left of each number.

IOS 9, follow these steps.
1. Open the junk text message by the Messages application.

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2. Press details in upper right.

3. If you no longer wish to receive notifications from this sender, and do not want to block them completely, press the button next to Do Not Disturb. This will cut the notifications but still receive text messages.

4. If you want to completely block this sender, press the i key.

5. Scroll to and select Lock this call.

You will not receive spam messages from this sender block. Some spammers can send text messages to multiple IDs such as DM-SPAM, LM-MORESPAM, BZ-SPAM, etc. Each of these Sender IDs is a number that can see after you have followed step 4. You will need to block each of these numbers one by one, to stop receiving spam altogether. Once done, these credentials can not send messages.

If you want to unlock one of these spammers, follow these steps.

1. Open Settings> Phone> Blocked.

2. Locate the linked Sender ID number. In India, this is usually +91 followed by an eight digit number, for example: +91 36386563 (one of Dunkin Donuts numbers used to send promotional text messages).

3. Drag the number to the left to display the red Unlock button.

4. Press Unlock.