How to Boil the eggs perfectly

One of the best sources of protein and can be done in an instant, boiled eggs are a popular choice when it comes to a delicious breakfast, lunch, snack or even dinner. The technique does perhaps an exact science, but is simple nail or (admit it!). cook for too long can result in cracked shells, hard sulfuric smell yellow or white. However, do not give up. With our egg-cellent advice, now you can hone this skill in a matter of minutes. So get to work!

Follow these steps for any test and prepare for soft yellow white gold and yellow increasingly alone:

1. Place the eggs in a large pot and cover with cold water to 1 inch.

2. Slowly bring to a boil over medium heat.

3. When the water has reached the boiling point, turn off the heat and cover the pan with a capped.

4. Allow the eggs remain in hot water for 3 minutes to raw eggs, 6 minutes for medium eggs and 10 minutes for hard-boiled eggs.

5. Then transfer the eggs in cold water. Peel and enjoy your meal.

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