Cooking a hot dog is not an exact science, but being a hot dog something really special can be more complicated than loading it with toppings. The good people of Chow suggest giving their fast-cutting spiral of hotdogs before putting it on the grill: cook until it is all right, they amplify the surface so that you get more of this good grilled flavor and a There are many nooks and crannies for fun and other moldings to fit.

Watch the video on the following link to see how it works – it turns out that the spiral cut is very simple – just prick the hot dog, keep your knife at an angle, and roll away from you through the OR. Remove the dog from the skewer and place it on the grill. One of the advantages of spiral cutting is that the hot dog will cook for the full reason, and will not have to worry about curling, tearing the skin, or cooking unevenly. Every little corner of the dog is going to cook with the pleasant, caramelized taste makes so delicious toasted bread. Blow Smith Chow notes that the dog also spiraled best fits into a bun, once it is cooked and the toppings just fall right into the cracks, making each one tastier mouthful.

In another burst of flavor, consider marinating your dogs before they come out on the grill, so they actually carry the same. Of course, if you are not into hot dogs, you can certainly do the same with sausages or golf clubs, just be careful of all the meat that is going to start crumbling before you cook one once you cut the casing . Do you have tips for roasting hot dog? Let’s listen in the comments below.

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