Booting from CD or DVD on Windows PC

You may have to boot from a CD or DVD to run certain types of tests or diagnostic tools, such as memory test programs, password recovery tools or antivirus software startup .

It might also be necessary to boot from a disk if you plan to reinstall the Windows operating system or perform automatic Windows repair tools.

When booting from a disc, which is doing is running your computer with an operating system that is installed on the small CD or DVD. When you start your computer normally, you use the operating system installed on the hard drive, such as Windows, Linux, etc.

Follow these simple steps to boot from a disc, a process that usually takes about 5 minutes:

Tip: Booting from a separate disk operating system, which means that booting from a CD or DVD in Windows 7 is the same as in Windows 10 or Windows 8, etc.

How to boot from a CD, DVD or BD

1. Change the boot order in the BIOS to CD or DVD appears first. Some teams are already configured in this way, but many are not.

If the optical drive is not the first in the boot order, your PC starts “normally” (ie, the beginning of your hard drive) without even looking at what might be in the player.

Note: After setting the optical drive as the first boot device in the BIOS, the computer will verify that the training shoe every time the computer starts. Leave your PC configured in this way should not cause problems unless you intend to leave a disc in the player all the time.

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Tip: See How to boot from a USB device instead of the tutorial if you really after is the configuration of your PC to boot from a flash drive or other USB storage device. The process is quite similar to boot from a disk, but there are some things to consider.

2. Insert your bootable CD or DVD in the drive.

How can you tell if a boot disk? The best way to know if a startup disk is to insert it into the drive and follow the rest of these instructions. Most CD and installation DVD is a bootable operating system, like many advanced diagnostic tools such as those described above.

Note: The downloadable Internet programs that are intended to be bootable discs are generally available in ISO format. See How to burn an ISO file for more information about it. (Tip: You can not burn the ISO image to disk you can other files.)

3. Restart the computer – either properly under Windows or via your reset button or if you are always on the menu in the BIOS.

4. Watch a Press any key to boot from CD or DVD … message.

When booting from a Windows installation disc, and sometimes other boot disks, so you will be prompted with a message to press any key to boot from the disc. For the boot disk to be successful you will have to do for a few seconds the message is on the screen.

If you do nothing, the computer checks the boot information on the boot list to the next device in the BIOS (see step 1) will probably be your hard drive.

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Most startup disks will not ask a key combination and will begin immediately.

5. Your computer should now boot from the CD or DVD drive.

Note: This happens now depends on what has been the startup disk. If you boot from a DVD of Windows 10, Windows 10 Setup starts. If you boot from a live CD version of Slackware Slackware Linux operating system that included on the CD you run. You get the idea.

What if the disc does not start

If you have tried the above steps, but the computer does not start from the disc correctly, check some of the tips below.

  1. Check the boot order in the BIOS (step 1). Without a doubt, the number one reason for a boot disk does not boot because the BIOS is configured to check the first CD / DVD / BD.
  2. Do you have more than one optical drive? Your computer probably allows for one of his readers that starts from. Insert the bootable CD or DVD on the other drive, restart the computer and see what happens then.
  3. Clean the disc. If the disc is dirty or old, many CD and DVD Windows installation they are when they are needed cleaning. A good case could make all the difference.
  4. Record a new CD / DVD / BD. If the disc is one that has created itself, or from an ISO file, then save it again. The disc may be errors in it to return to the combustion could correct. I had this happen to me more than once.