Breaking Bad Habits

Bad habits disrupt your life and keep you from achieving your goals. That endanger their health – both mentally and physically. They waste their time and energy.

So why do we keep? And above all, it is what you can do about it?

I have written about the science of how to begin habits, so now we focus on the practice of making changes in the real world. How can you eliminate bad behavior and stick in place good?

Of course, I do not have all the answers, but keep reading and I’ll share what I’ve learned about how to break a bad habit.

What causes bad habits?

Most of their bad habits are caused by two things …

Stress and boredom.

Most of the time, bad habits are simply a way to deal with stress and boredom. While nail biting for overspending shopping for drinking every weekend to spend time on the Internet can be a simple response to stress and boredom.

But it does not have to be this way. You can teach new and healthy to deal with stress and boredom, then forms can substitute instead of their bad habits.

Of course, sometimes stress or boredom that is on the surface is actually caused by deeper problems. These questions may be hard to believe, but if you are serious about making changes, then you must be honest with yourself.

Are there certain beliefs or reasons behind the bad habit? Is there something deeper – a fear, an event or a limiting belief – that is causing you to hold something that is bad for you?

Recognizing the causes of their bad habits is essential to overcome.

Not eliminate a bad habit, you replace it.

All habits have right now – good or bad – are in your life for a reason. Somehow, these behaviors are an advantage for you, even if they are bad for you in other ways.

Sometimes the benefit is organic, as it is with stuff or drugs. Sometimes it is emotional, as it is when you stay in a relationship that is bad for you. And in many cases, your bad habit is a simple way of coping with stress. For example, nail biting, hair pulling, stepping or jaw clenching.

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These “benefits” or for reasons ranging small bad habits too.

For example, open your mailbox as soon as the computer is turned on could make you feel connected. At the same time watching all destroys the productivity of these emails, divide their attention, and overwhelmed by stress. But prevents feel like you’re “lost” … and do it again.

Due to bad habits provide some benefit in your life, it is very difficult to simply remove them. (This advice is, therefore simplistic as “just quit” seldom works.)

Instead, you need to replace a bad habit with a new habit that provides a similar benefit.

For example, if you smoke when stressed, then it is a bad plan to “just quit” when this happens. Instead, it should reach a different way of dealing with stress and insert this new behavior instead of having a cigarette.

In other words, bad habits to meet certain needs in your life. And for this reason, it is best to replace your bad habits with healthier behavior that meets this need. If you plan to just cut the bad habits without replacing them, then have some needs are met and it will be difficult to follow a routine “just do not do it” for long.

How to break a bad habit

Here are some additional ideas to break your bad habits and thinking about the process in a new way.

Choosing a replacement for your bad habit. You must have a plan in advance how you will react when faced with stress or boredom pushing his bad habit. What will you do when the urge to smoke comes? (Example : Breathing exercises instead) What will you do when Facebook calls you to procrastinate? (Example:. Write a sentence for work) anyway, and what is being treated, it is necessary to have a plan for what you will do instead of your bad habit.

Cut the largest possible number of triggers. If you smoke when you drink, then go to the bar. If you eat cookies when they are in the house, and then throw them away. If the first thing you do when you’re sitting on the couch is pick up the TV remote and hide the remote control in a closet in another room. Make it easier for you to break bad habits by avoiding the factors that cause them.

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At this time, the environment makes your bad habits easier and more good hard habit. Change your environment and you can change the outcome.

Join forces with someone. How many times try the diet in private? Or maybe “quit” … but kept it to himself? (In this way, without seeing that do not go, right?)

Instead, pair with someone and stop together. Both can hold each other accountable and celebrate their victories together. Knowing that the other person expects you to be better is a great motivator.

Surround yourself with people who live the way you want to live. You should not abandon your old friends, but do not underestimate the power of finding a new one. If you do not know where to start, and then join a Meetup superhuman.

Imagine yourself a success. See yourself throwing cigarettes or buy healthy food or wake up early. Whatever bad habit is that you’re looking to break, crush visualize yourself, smile and enjoy their success. See for yourself the construction of a new identity.

Should not be someone else, simply return to the old you. Very often we have to break our bad habits, we need to become a completely new person. The truth is that you have in you to be someone without their bad habits. In fact, it is very unlikely that you have had these bad habits of a lifetime. You do not have to quit, just go back to being a nonsmoker. You do not have to become a healthy person, just go back to being healthy. Although she was there years you’ve lived without this bad habit, which means you can certainly do it again.

Using the word “but” to overcome negative self-talk. One thing about the fight against bad habits is that it is easy to judge himself for not doing better. Each time you pass up or make a mistake, it’s easy to know how much you suck.

Each time this happens finished the sentence with “but” …

  • “I’m fat and out of shape, but could be in the form of a few months from now.”
  • “I’m stupid and nobody respects me, but work to develop a valuable skill.”
  • “I’m a failure, but everyone fails at times.”

Plan to fail. We all slip from time to time.

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As my main man, Steve Kamb said: “When you mess up, skip a workout, eat bad food or sleep, a poor person did not do it It makes you human Welcome to the club…”

So instead of fighting in error, plane. We are all on the track, what separates top performers of all is that they get back on track very quickly. For some strategies that can help you bounce when a mistake is made, read this article.

Where to go from here

If you are looking for the first step to breaking your bad habits, I suggest starting with awareness.

It is easy to get caught up in how you feel about your bad habits. It can make you feel guilty or spend time dreaming about how you wish things were … but take those thoughts away from what is really happening.

Instead, it is a consciousness that will show you how to make change happen.

  • When your bad habit really happens?
  • How often do you do each day?
  • Where are you?
  • Who are you?
  • What triggers the behavior and actually start?

Just follow these questions will make you more aware of the behavior and give dozens of ideas to stop it.

Here is a simple way to start: just follow how many times a day, your bad habit is going on. Put a piece of paper in his pocket and a pen. Whenever a bad habit occurs, mark on paper. At the end of the day, counting all the checkmarks and see what your total is.

At the beginning of his goal, it is not to judge and how they feel guilty for doing something unhealthy or unproductive. The only goal is to be aware of when and how often this happens. Wrap your head around the problem by being aware. Then you can begin to implement the ideas in this article and break your bad habit.

Breaking bad habits take time and effort, but above all perseverance. Most people who end up breaking their bad habits attempts fail several times before the race. You may not have immediate success, but that does not mean you can not have at all.