How to break up with someone you love as a friend ?

How to Break-Up With a Friend

Friendships form a large part of our support system. They are the glue that holds all this together. If a friend disappears, leaving a hole in the support strip. But sometimes in life you need to let go of those that no longer serve as support but rather lead to stress and problems situations commonly known as “drama.” It is a hard truth to accept that all people who come into our lives are destined to stay. Like any successful marriage or romantic relationship, effort, time and investment is needed. If you do not grow together, certainly they will. So, how do you decide when it’s time to divorce a friend?

Just because you have a big hit does not mean friendship is over. If there has been a situation that caused a crack, special attention must be taken and time to re-evaluate their relationship. The hardest lesson to learn is when you walk, and you do not want to lose a good friend from stupid anger. So let’s say you have taken the above steps and just decided against far outweighing the benefits. Here is some information to consider before giving his friend his papers for walking. This information will help you make the cleanest cut possible and move on to more productive and enjoyable friendships.

– Nobody is the perfect friend. We all have friends for different reasons. Friend friend, friend of work, best friend, fan friend, etc. No one can offer absolute perfection in friendship. And that’s fine. If you must have perfection, you can not have friends. This is the time to take a look at you and how you acted. If you are found guilty, accept responsibility and apologize.

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– People change, even their closest friends. Sometimes change is for the worse and good friends call each other over these unhealthy changes. Communication is necessary and must always be the first action plan. It may be that the change is so drastic that there are reasons to separate. If your friend has no idea and has been walking around with blinders, it’s fair to say and give them the opportunity to change. If no change is made, then it is fair to say that friendship has taken its course.

– Casual friends do not guarantee a break. Casual friends are often categorized as new friends. We tested people like hats. If a fit, big, if not, he will keep the distance and “quietly disappear.” Usually the track got stressed you do not think that justify them a great farewell.

– Be honest with your close friends. Confrontation is not something everyone wakes up in the morning dying to do. It is unpleasant to someone who is important to you and it hurts the person that this could be the end of the road. But honesty is really the best policy. Not only will you feel better, your soon to be ex-friend will appreciate the conversation and maybe it was a misunderstanding. Good communication can lead to reconciliation or may lead to a confirmation of why he no longer wants to be your friend in the first place. But no matter how angry you are or may be justified in the call of friendship, respect their feelings and be honest or never be able to repair what hurts.

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– Some friendships are or become toxic. A friendship must, for the most part, get the best of you. Friendship is a two-way street. A person can not maintain a relationship on their own. It does not want a friendship. The dictionary defines a friend as “one attached to another by affection or respect.” Observe the most important word, as Aretha sings, RESPETO If a friend can not give you the courtesy of respect, they Are not worthy of their friendship.

I do not advocate the breakup of friends. It is a sad day when you have to let go of a friend, and even more sad when you know that the phrase “true friends are your friend, no matter what” just does not stand for all situations. Someone who gives respect, honesty and ongoing support.If you are someone who has realized that maybe has not been the best friend should be, it is never too late to make amends. Here are three things to ask you if you gave their walking papers and perplexed why:

– Communication.When was the last time you actually called his friend only to ask them how they were or what is new with them? You may find that you have inadvertently been calling to ask for something or just talk about you.

– Activity. When was the last time you made the effort to establish a time and place to do something with your friends? Have you been constantly hanging around? Harvest time for friends is extremely important. The quality time together deepened their link.

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– Support.When was the last time you offered to be there for your friend without asking? Or when was the last time you came back a favor they made for you without asking? Sometimes people feel exploited when one is giving and the other always takes. People do not always realize what’s going on, so do not hurt yourself. Repair work and see situations objectively rather than subjectively.