How to Buy a Mattress: Advice from a Mattress Salesman

There are dozens, if not hundreds of variables when it comes to shopping mattress. It helps to cut through the tangle of options and possible scams by taking the advice offered by insider information on getting rich slowly. They have given advice directly from a guy who was part of signing his family’s mattress all his life. It is full of industry-related wisdom, including valuable business advice like this:

If a store is willing to negotiate the price of the mattress, then they are too expensive, so make sure you have them down a considerable amount. Mattresses contract manufactures minimum prices that allow retailers to sell their mattresses, so they should be priced to a minimum or overpriced and bargained. Most major chains only the minimum price immediately.
Other important tips? Do not take the advice of a seller about the bobbin count since you probably do not know what you are talking about. Always ask if the spring mattress you see a support table to keep the edges firm and keep it comfortable to get in and out of bed

For more tips visit the full article at the link below. Do you have a commercial board mattress of your choice? Threw against this “number of springs” business because of the rock in a foam mattress? Let’s listen in the comments.

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