Buying Tork Motors Tork T6X

Tork Motors, the first electric motorcycle manufacturer in India unveiled its first commercial aspect of motorcycle Tork T6X in Bangalore today. Born on the track and native built as a culmination of seven years of research and development, he developed the principle T6X as future smart mobility for driving in the modern city.

Hit with a number of interesting features, T6X has many firsts to its credit in the segment of two-wheeled vehicles, such as navigation on board storage, cloud connectivity, full digital display, fast loading and a higher acceleration. It connects to the mobile client application to communicate their Tork, range, health service alerts and custom profiles to assemble. Otherwise, the T6X has a range of advanced safety features such as ABS, CDS, theft, geofencing, and daytime running lights (DRL), among others.

Tork also continues its state of the art with his signature TIROS (response Tork intuitive operating system), the will of the intelligence T6X electric motorcycle technology. Besides analyzing and collecting data for each trip, power management, real-time energy consumption and range of forecasts, TIROS also like to learn how you roll.

Tork T6X Motor:

 Motor Type     Brushless DC 6kW (peak)
 Mileage     100 k.m. per charge
Maximum Torque     27Nm
Maximum speed     100kmph
 Transmission     Single-speed

Powered by lithium-ion batteries, the T6X is designed to travel at a maximum speed of 100 km/h and extends 100 km on a single charge when connected to the output. The battery can be charged up to 80 percent in an hour and a full charge in two hours. Depending on the use of the bicycle, the battery can last up to about 80 000 to 1.00000 km.

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Tork T6X Electrical:

 Battery Life     1000 cycles
 Battery capacity     72Ah
 Tail Lamp     LED
 Turn signal lamp     LED
 Headlamp     12 V- 35/ 35 W
 Voltage     48 V

Handmade with custom designed components, advanced features T6X superbike futuristic, aggressive graphics and sporty design elements. The only movable part ensures minimal corrosion, wear, vibration and sound or results in a light structure in a higher acceleration.

T6X be introduced in three markets of Pune, Bangalore and Delhi in the first phase. It will be available in three color options interesting and can now be pre-booked at a promotional price of Rs 1.24 lakh.

Tork Motors is working on building a solid infrastructure charge in target markets. Currently, the brand has already established six charging points in Pune and aims to take the number to 100 in December 2016, Pune.

Watch Tork Motors Tork T6X Video: