Calling Privately to anyone from your phone

You get car dealerships dating, creating an online account dating or return a call from the phone to work at home, there are times that keeps your private number is logical. Fortunately, there are options for short-term numbers “burning” virtual telephone lines and blocking caller ID. Here’s what I recommend.

Temporary numbers “burner”

Burner App for a disposable temporary number, I love burner (free on iTunes and Google Play). You get 20 minutes of talk time and 60 texts over a week and then you need to buy credits to extend the service and buy new burner numbers.There is a Mini burner ($ 1.99 or 3 credits) for 14 days or 20 minutes or 60 items, whichever occurs first. Or you can pay $ 4.99 (8 credits) for 30 days of service with unlimited texts and calls. If you want to be able to send images, there is a photo package burner (8 credits or $ 4.99) 100 messages (with or without photos), 50 minutes or 30 days, whichever comes first. Credits can be bought in packs of 3 ($ 1.99), 8 ($ 4.99), 15 ($ 7.99) and 25 ($ 11.99).

In the long run free private number

Call for a more permanent solution, I recommend Google Voice. You get unlimited calls within the US as well as free voicemail, call filtering and Do Not Disturb, among others. To receive a call or a text, a smartphone or a computer with Internet access and implementation Google Voice is needed. Or you can choose to forward all your calls and texts with an existing Google Voice number. Outgoing calls your Google Voice number will be displayed instead of the right.

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The ad-hoc open lock Outbound Caller ID

If you do not want to use your minutes number of disposable phone, you can block your outgoing caller ID for call disconnection “Settings” from your phone to your mobile phone, set management software phone if a digital phone service is used or mark * 67 before the number of fixed phone at a regular or cell phone (you have to use the country code, so it would look like * 6712125551212). Your number will appear as unavailable.