With flu season around the corner, you can probably catch a bug or two soon. This is how to tell the boss that you are going to stay home without looking suspicious.

There is a time, we discussed how to call sick when you are not. This time, CNN offers some tips for those who are really sick, but worry that they will continue to appear as if they are pulling a quick way from their superiors.

Mostly tips, CNN recommends talking to your boss over the phone, not through more indirect measures such as email (even if your low power level can push you to the easiest email route). When you are sick, odds are in your favor that you look alike, which helps dispel any concerns – if your boss is prone to such worries – you can play them unexpectedly. Keeping the call short and direct, and apologizing for not coming to work are also important to maintain a professional tone.

The article also states that this advice is more important on Monday and Friday, when more people are likely to call the sick. Hit the full post for all the details, so we know how to handle the call in sick in the comments.

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