Can a low battery cause a car alarm to go off?

In Chile they steal a car insured every hour. Hence  , security systems are so important . These include alarms, such as an excellent alert system that deters the thief and prevents many thefts. But sometimes it fails. And then despair strikes you when you leave your vehicle in a public place. Here are some tips so you know what to do when your car alarm doesn’t work for common problems:

Problem 1: the alarm does not go off with the controller

It is one of the most common failures. In this regard, the first thing you have to know is how the alarm control of a car works. In general terms, it operates the same as any remote control of an electronic device (televisions, DVD, etc.) where a small command or module processes the order, sent by means of infrared (IR) or radio signals. It’s that simple how a car’s alarm control works. The energy to operate is obtained from small batteries. When these are exhausted, the emission of infrared signals is impossible. Consequently, the first thing you should do is change the batteries. Now, if you change the batteries and the problem persists, the control simply failed, so you should change or repair it.

How to repair a car alarm control?

The most sensible thing to do is to take the device apart, remove the integrated card and dust it off with an electronic device cleaner. Often the failures are due to grease and dirt. If the anomaly persists, you may need to contact an expert. He knows everything about how to repair a car alarm control, and he can tell you what the real problem is.

What if the control is good and the batteries too?

Now that you are clear about how a car’s alarm control works, you know that the module is a fundamental part of the system. If this does not have energy, it will not be able to recognize the orders that you send it through the control. The module is powered through two electric power cables (positive and negative), and has a fuse that regulates the passage of current. Check that everything is in order. If the fault is not electrical, what is damaged is the module. Maybe you should replace it.

Problem 2: alarm does not go off when doors are opened

What to do when the car alarm does not work in this regard?

The first thing to keep in mind is that if the system does not activate when a specific door is opened, but it does with the others, it is most likely that the cable going to that door has been disconnected, or that the sensor is damaged. You will have to carry out the respective verification. If you have a fault on all doors, the first thing you should check is that the alarm is not in valet mode. If that is not the cause of the problem, you have to verify in the module that the door activation cable is connected.

Problem 3: the alarm sounds only when the doors are opened

In this case, the sensitivity of the system is most likely very low. You have to increase it.

And how to regulate the sensitivity of the car alarm?

Through a preset (small potentiometer), the shape of which is that of a screw, which you will find in the shock sensor module or in the volumetric module. If you turn it clockwise you will increase the sensitivity, if you do the opposite you will decrease it. You already know how to regulate the sensitivity of the car alarm. If the failure continues, you only have to restart it. Surely you are wondering how to reset my car alarm. The procedure usually varies from one brand to another. Review the system manual or consult a specialized workshop. Finally, don’t forget to check that the siren works, connecting it directly to the battery. Maybe that’s the damaged device and it saves you a lot of processes, including looking for how to reset my car alarm.

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