Can i register a car in a different state than my license?

If you are going to live in another state in Mexico or buy a car from another state, you must meet some requirements to bring your car up to date. How to do it? We’ll tell you then:

Can you buy a car with license plates from another state?

If you want to buy a car with plates from another state, you can do it, but you must bear in mind that you will have to carry out the following procedures to avoid problems in the future:

Should the plates be changed if I change status?

Yes. When changing state, it is necessary that you change the plates, since as explained on its website by the Ministry of Planning, Administration and Finance of Jalisco , by not removing the plates from the previous state, the debts will remain in force and will continue to be generated annually. For example, the right for vehicle endorsement, a tax that, if not paid, will accumulate costs corresponding to surcharges, fines for non-payment, updates and collection costs.

Likewise, in case of existing debts associated with infractions committed to the Law and the Regulations of the Ministry of Mobility and the parking meters applied by the municipalities, these will remain in force associated with the plates.

How do I notify the change of status of a car?

To notify the change of status of a car you must perform the registration process of the plates in the new state, where the validation of the holdings with the old entity will be carried out.

Although the requirements may vary from state to state, to register your used car plates from a different state, you must present the following documents:

  • Document that legally proves the purchase of the car , such as the original invoice, proof of registration and / or import request.
  • Valid driver’s license , valid official identification or proof of address.
  • Vehicle drop in the other state and / or delivery of sheets.
  • Submit vehicle for review . In case you are in a corralón, present a transit report.

How is the change of owner made if the buyer and seller are in different states of Mexico?

The fact that the buyer and seller are in different states is not a problem to change the owner of the vehicle , since this procedure must be carried out by the new owner within a maximum period of 15 days from the transfer of the car.

This is a data update that must be done at the Vehicle Control offices and the requirements to make the change are as follows:

  • Current official identification (voting card, military card, passport, professional license, driver’s license)
  • Legal personality accreditation documents.
  • Natural persons: (In case you do not personally go to carry out the procedure) Power of attorney signed before two witnesses and official identification of the interested party and of the person carrying out the procedure, as well as a copy of the identification of the witnesses.
  • Proof of recent address.
  • Payment of rights, cost that will depend on each state of Mexico.
  • You can make the payment in authorized Banking Institutions and Shopping Centers.
  • Proof of ownership (endorsed invoice, current invoice letter and / or re-invoices).
  • Holding or endorsement paid (current year and four previous years).
  • Valid circulation card .
  • If you are a legal person, you must submit your Federal Taxpayer Registry.

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