Can’t afford to get my car out of impound

Your vehicle is missing? Don’t panic: it may not have been stolen, and simply impounded. But beware: new rules for recovering it will be in effect from December 1, 2016. Important point: these require the presentation of your auto insurance certificate .

Your vehicle has been loaded by the pound: explanations

If you are wondering why your vehicle could have been impounded , know that several reasons exist:

  • your vehicle was parked inconvenient, abusive or dangerous;
  • your vehicle was an obstruction to traffic;
  • your vehicle was in violation of the rules for the protection of classified sites and landscapes;
  • your vehicle has been caught running in a natural area;
  • your vehicle has not passed the technical inspection or undergone the prescribed repairs;
  • the offense giving rise to immobilization did not cease within 48 hours.

How to recover your vehicle from the impound, with the new rules in force

To collect your vehicle, take your notification of impoundment , then go to the police or gendarmerie responsible for the removal of your vehicle.

If you are not present at the time of the removal, you can obtain your notification from the police or you will receive it directly by registered letter within 5 working days.

With your notification, you can then obtain the document called “  release  “, essential to remove your vehicle from the impound .

To obtain this sesame, you had until then to present the following documents:

  • proof of identity;
  • a registration certificate;
  • an identity document from the owner and a signed power of attorney if the vehicle does not belong to you.

However, following the decree of September 30, 2016, it will now be necessary to present 2 other mandatory documents to travel on the roads :

  • your insurance certificate  ;
  • your driver’s license .

A measure to combat driving without insurance

By reinforcing the system for retrieving one’s vehicle from the impound , the State intends to reduce the number of people driving without a license and without insurance .

In recent years, the phenomenon seems to be gaining momentum: the Guarantee Fund for Compulsory Damage Insurance (FGAO) estimates that nearly 750,000 vehicles are currently circulating without a green card .

An offense punishable by a fine of € 3,750 and a vehicle suspension…, but also a liability heavily incurred in the event of an accident.

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