How to change gmail password in gmail app ?

Changing Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn password

Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn was hacked? The first thing to do in these cases is to change your password. Even if your accounts are safe, it is safer to keep changing their passwords. If you are having problems with this, and even if you forgot your password, this guide will help you solve your problems.

From all accounts, Gmail is the most important because email is used to connect to almost any site. Make sure you have a password with uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols of this account, that the most difficult password to crack. To change your password, follow these steps.

1) Open the security settings page of Google and click Change Password.

2) This will take you to the page where you can change the password. Enter twice your current password once and the new password. Click Change Password. That’s it.

Forgotten password? This is what you have to do.

1) Open Gmail and click Need Help? Login below.

2) Select not know the password and enter your Gmail address.

3) Then you can enter the last password you remember. If you forget your password, click I do not know, and Google will send you a password reset link to your alternate email address.

4) If an email address recovery or can not access this address is not set, you can click Verify your identity and answer questions related to the accounts to prove your identity. If you succeed, you can reset the password.

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If you connect to Facebook from public computers such as an Internet cafe, you can change your password frequently. Here’s how you can do this.

1) Go to the configuration page Facebook and click on the Edit button next to the password.

2) Then enter your current password and new password. Click Save Changes when you are finished.

If you forget your Facebook password, go through these steps.

1) Open Facebook and click to enter? Link password.

2) Now, enter your email address, phone number or full name and click Search.

3) Click I’ve forgotten my password and click Continue.

4) Facebook offers three options: use your Google account to log on, send a link via email or post a link to your phone. Choose what you prefer and click Continue. Open the link and you can reset your password.

Hacked Twitter accounts can be very embarrassing, because if your account is protected, all tweets are visible to all. You do not want to spam links being tweeted in your account, so you keep changing your password by following these steps.

1) Head to the Twitter password settings.

2) You must enter your current password and new password and click Save Changes. That’s it.

If you have forgotten your password, try this.

1) Go to Twitter, click the Forgot Password link as password.

2) Enter your user Twitter, email or phone number (if you have linked). Click Search.

3) Now, Twitter will ask you to choose whether you want a password link in your e-mail or telephone. Choose one and click Continue.

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4) Open the Twitter link that sends and change your password.

LinkedIn is basically your resume online, you need to change from time passwords so that your account is secure. These instructions should do the trick.

1) Follow this link to open the settings on LinkedIn.

2) Click Edit next to the password in the top left corner.

3) Enter your old password, enter the new password and click Save Changes to complete the process.

If you forget your password, you can try these steps.

1) Go to LinkedIn and click Forgot Password? above form password.

2) Now, enter your email address and click send.

3) Open the link sent to your LinkedIn inbox and to reset your password. This link is valid for one day so be sure to log on before.