How to change your snapchat password with email ?

Snapchat Warns It Will Permanently Lock Accounts of Third-Party App Users

Snapchat, having announced last week that it has begun to inform users who use third-party applications to change passwords for their accounts, has started sending warning messages to the same users with more serious consequences .

“We noticed that you are using a third-party application to access Snapchat, put you (and maybe your friends) at risk. Please change your password and stop using third-party applications when accessing Snapchat, “he said warning message (via PhoneArena).

Third-party application users who received the message added that the warning leads to a Snapchat support page that says the use of third-party applications violates the Snapchat Terms of Service and mentions that continued use of third-party applications May lead to lock the user account. User accounts that are not permanently locked should be able to unlock their accounts to change passwords.

If you continue to use these applications, we will block your cuenta.If already been locked, you can unlock your account by changing your not stop using third-party applications, your account can be permanently locked, “password page Support.
In particular, he stated that the ephemeral messaging service was hacked in October and recorded more than 500 MB of images. The leak was identified as being due to third party services, with the popular called – a website that allows users to save images sent by Snapchat.
He snapsaved shortly after came to admit that his servers were hacked, and said on his Facebook page that had eliminated entire website and database as soon as he discovered the intrusion.

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Snapchat he had made a statement specifying that his servers were not raped, nor was the source of leaked images. The company blamed third-party applications so it is known as “The Snappening”.

However, this does not remove the completely Snapchat blame because it showed that developers or criminals were able to access the private Snapchat API that used to run the service, and experts noted that the arrogant approach of the Company privacy was unworthy of a cat service disappeared. The company should have been able to detect and stop the services of third parties, experts argued.