Changing Your Lifestyle 100% within 4 weeks

Sensational. I began to wonder – am I really a “lifestyle” specific? Well, it seems I have! And immediately he wanted to put into words, Decommissioning, of course, points by point. And it is made to be ridiculously simple. I ended up putting into four sections – one per week. It’s only a month of self-employment in order to change your life for the better!

So for every week there is a plan composed of three tasks that you must incorporate into your life and will continue for the rest of the month. Ideally, you should keep doing the same after that, but that depends on you.

Week 1: Purify your body and mind

1. An early start at 6 in the morning. This is when you find time for yourself who is never enough during the day. You will find that this is a period of peace and calm when you will be able to order different things to do, without being distracted, because everyone is still asleep. The ideal for morning exercises, which will help you prepare to live the next day full time. Lazy and a reluctance to get out of bed early is not really an indication that you are tired. I think it shows that you really do not want to live your own life. What is the point of getting out of bed when it’s just depressing time, the subway, traffic, work … But if, instead of this mentality, it sends another big day has come, and his first thought when he was awakened ‘roll in the morning! ? “Admit it – if you feel that way, rises early, it would not be a problem This is just simple logic If you live life to the fullest, you need to jump out of bed or seen otherwise -. If you jump of bed in the morning, life begins to burn brighter!
2. Better nutrition. Future changes will require an enormous amount of energy from you. Chances are currently used by most of his energy to keep your body functioning to the effects of alcohol, cigarettes, and heavy, fatty foods or another unhealthy way. Each of us has its own set of these vices we have to own up. Or rather, we have to overcome. You can choose depending on the type of diet seems right for you. Personally, I think a vegetarian and eating raw foods. But there is one thing that applies to all of us: alcohol, chips, soft drinks, meals prepared in advance, junk food – none of these things come into the idea of eating healthy person. Therefore, you have to cut all these things from your diet. Also, reduce portion sizes you eat, and not complete before going to bed. In other respects, just listen to what your body tells you, or take advice from a dietitian. Most importantly, however, it is to avoid clutter with toxins. Instead, it is necessary to improve a lot of your body as much as possible by eating light, healthy and tasty food. You will be happier and have more energy needed for an active lifestyle.
3. Sport. I love the sport and for me, it is absolutely mandatory. I can not say enough to keep your body well toned and healthy is vital for spiritual health. To shake some life to a tired body, you have to shake your own body! And by any method that seems right for you. I love yoga, running and dancing. Try to move more every day, in any way you can – dance in front of the mirror when you are ready to work; take a pass on the elevator for the stairs; establish a complete workout for yourself in the gym.

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Week 2: Put your privacy in Order

1. Clean your personal space. Take it! It’s time to put an order in every corner, table and closet at home (fill things in the attic does not count). Think about it: every object in your home – even the smallest – not only takes up space, but also consume part of their energy. Is it really worth keeping it? He became so interested in this method I threw almost all my stuff in the trash. Keep only the things that are really useful or you really need, what makes you happy, or what we value most. Another thing – if so far have kept this teddy bear, her lover gave her for Valentine’s Day in 1998 but has already broken with them a long time, then such memories “happy” more is not necessary. Get rid of it without hesitation. Having done all this, it is that it feels much better. Especially if clean dust everywhere, and wash the floors.
2. Sort your belongings; meet its obligations. Do you remember how many years is it intends to learn Spanish? And how many times he has promised to lead to visit her grandparents on the east coast? How many of your New Year’s resolutions have to transfer from the old to the new list, and for years? You must remember all the promises he has made to himself and others, and decide how to deal with them. You basically have two options: (1) completion, or (2) the striking list of your “to do” forever. But if you can not give up his grandparents, of course, you can go tomorrow. Do what you have to do instead of hanging around these feelings of obligation and disappointment in itself.
3. Sort your social life. Break off all relations you feel you pull back or make you depressed. Give up talking to all those who have a negative outlook, who are arrogant, and those who have nothing in common. Learning to just walk away and say no. Let ungrateful, rude, act crazy, to be unpleasant – if that’s what it takes to feel free. The only exception to this should be their parents. I think it definitely should be on good terms with them, even if it is hard work.

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Week 3: The plans, goals, and dreams

1. Note, then carry out their projects. It seems we ended up with a list of tasks to perform last week. How do you feel? Do you feel happy and excited about it? Are you roll up your sleeves in anticipation? If the answer is no, then maybe worth radiation some other things. Or, actually executing them and hit them. In both cases, however, the result that an increase in strength and thirst renewed for life is expected. Remember, what you like or a point used to make love? Remember that you should not just take their work and financial obligations seriously, but plan your free time – so you can relax, see friends and loved ones, and (this is the one everyone always forgets) find time for themselves same. You should write the kind of plan you will be eager to start working on. Write once, and do not forget to include the time and specific action. Imagine the story of his life will be the subject of a book; It should be one that you want me to read.
2. Enter your most improbable dreams. This is one of my absolute favorite things to do. I exercise regularly, and whenever my ideas become even more ridiculous. You should make a list of all the things I dream of doing, but it is so unlikely that you know will happen for any reason. This could include becoming the master of the world or climb Everest when you’re 89. ignore the sensible voice in his head, and imagine that the world is your oyster; all you have to do is press your fingers. You have all the time, money, connections and talents you need. What would you do? Moreover, my first list of such chimeras, I wrote in February 2014, it has been fully realized in full. And now it amuses me that my desires were so modest, but at the time it seemed unattainable.
3. Plan things on a daily basis. Writing a plan for the next day every night. No matter if you cut or only a crude map – which can be any kind of plan, provided that you have written. And it is important to do especially at night. Even if you do not remember anything the next day will be more productive. This has been tried and tested! Also, do not forget to take a look at your overall plan and ask where you go in life. Did you go anywhere?

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Week 4: Expand your horizons

1. Try to live differently. Even the smallest things can have an effect. Take a different route to work. Fall into a cafe where he has never been before, or an expensive store. Try a new type of sport. Try to do what has never been done before. And every day, when you are busy with things I used to do all the time, ask the question – can I do it a little different now? You should make a habit of trying something new; thus gradually out of the box.
2. Leave your comfort zone. Of course, if you successfully complete all the steps above, you have already gone a long way out of your comfort zone. But we must go further and look at their biggest fears in the eye. And not only see, but also to fight with them. In this sense, I am a supporter of radical methods. Feel sick? Make skydiving. Afraid of your boss? Go alone with a new proposal. If you are afraid of meeting new people, head to a party who does not know someone else (and go on your own, so you can not talk to her friends all night). We learn new things and develop in such situations.
3. Take a break. You thought what? This will be all the hard work? Just “take a break” here it means you have to leave the house, turn off Wi-Fi and spend time alone. It also means that will give you honest feedback. What was the last month for you? How he was, what changes have occurred in your life? And how will continue and go further, now that it’s over?

Things that await you while standing at the halfway point on this trip (that’s right, is not the end, this road continues) exceeds your expectations. (! That’s really very simple) By achieving these things every day and they work in your life, you will begin to feel a sense of harmony and omnipotence; you will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, it sounds a bit pretentious … but believe me, it is true. ”