Choosing Suitable Career for you

Most career problems arise because we are terrible at picking jobs. We believe we collect a good job and proves to be a bad job then. It is almost impossible to choose a good job on the first try, actually. So it does not seem to be the exception.

Economist Neil Howe says that only 5% of people choose the right work at the first attempt. He calls these people “fast initiators” and, in general, are less creative, less adventurous and less innovative, which is a conventional way of working, common good for them. So, it is doubtful that even should aim to be one of those people that collect at the first opportunity. But, that being said, we still all want to be good in the choice of paths for ourselves. Therefore, here are some guidelines to think, if it is our first race or our fifth race.

Do not believe the hype

We have a green grass professions is developed that are not ours. For example, this video award-winnng Chipotle on farmers claiming more and more animal-friendly is simply a mental and emotional development for farmers realize that returning to nature, and be kind to animals, it is this that feels better, then you should. It’s easy, for example, to make an assembly line pigs.

Video Chipotle is a total crap, to be honest. Not that the farmers do not know that pigs grazing is more enjoyable. It is that there is no market for pigs grazing because consumers will not pay enough to eat human flesh (without Parideras example, pork prices were quadrupling). So the idea that being a farmer is so beautiful and return to the land is simply absurd. Being a farmer is very complicated, work hard business at very low wages.

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Another example of a work is promoted to a lawyer. You see your exciting life on TV: A sure way gloriously University law school to gainful employment. But behind the scenes, each year the American Bar Association is conducting a survey to ask whether lawyers recommend their profession to other people, and the vast majority of lawyers who do not.

Choosing a lifestyle, not a job

Look at life that people have seen, and whose life you want to ask. It’s easy, right? But now look deeper. You can not have the life you have now. You must have the life they lead to get there. Therefore, Taylor Swift has had a great success, and now comes to do almost anything you want. But, you could do what he did to get there? His whole family had to move so he could pursue his dreams in Nashville. Do you want a life at stake, the singular commitment?

Watch the play successful writers. Most of them wrote for years in the dark, the risk of long-term financial catastrophe to continue writing. Do you really want this path for himself? Marylou Streznewski Kelly, author of gifted adults, found that most people who are exceptionally creative must give up almost everything else to continue “creativity with a capital C” For most people, the road is not very attractive.

The same is true for startup founders. It is a horrible life, to be honest. Your finances are in ruins, you will not have time for anything else in your life, and your business will probably fail. So when you decide you want to make a start, look at the person’s life was before his company got stable. Most people want to run their own business, well-funded and control their own hours. Very few people would have to live life to reach this point.

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do not overcommit

Testing a lot of different jobs is a great idea. the jump manual is the sign of someone who is really trying to find out what your place. Quitting smoking when you know you are in the wrong place is a natural way to find the right place. A CV with many wrong turns is not catastrophic. You can hire a good resume writer to set the resume so it seems that actually had focus and purpose. (In fact, I write again takes people all the time. It is to tell a story and each has a way to tell a good story about your career, no matter how many times he changed jobs. )

The important thing is not overcommit to a road. college, for example, overcommiting because if you end up not liking this area, you spent four years to gain entry into the field. Taking into debt with the university overcommitting as they are effectively saying that it will take ony jobs that pay relatively high to ensure the debt service.

Buying a big house has the same effect: they overcommit to a higher gain on the ground. Very few people want to have the same career throughout his life. It leaves room for change because there is little reason to believe that you will be able to predict what they will receive in the future.
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Daniel Gilbert, head of Harvard happiness laboratory showed that evolution has ensured that we are terrible at guessing what we will receive. We assume that we like things that is possible to us that seems feasible, that is what makes us go in life. Overall, we are optimistic that things will improve. This is not rational because, mostly, things remain the same, in terms of how happy we are.

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Gilbert explains in his book, Stumbling on happiness, we have a point of happiness together, and that’s more or less how happy we are today and what we will be happy tomorrow. But evolution has made us the certainty that something will make us happier tomorrow. Which means they are generally poor at predicting what makes us happy, because it was not a necessary element in the preservation of humanity.

Gilbert says you have to try things to see what will make you happy. Do this. It is scary, because it is difficult to discover that what they thought would not make you happy happy. But then, it is true that being realistic is not particularly useful either for human evolution.