Clean Corroded Car Battery Terminals with Coca Cola

If you ever encounter a car that does not start due to corroded battery terminals, you can get it back with just a can of Coke.

I’m from the South, where we know that Coke is a magical substance, and I’ve used this trick several times myself in recent years without rubbing after terminals. It may be the acidity level, but most likely this is just the foaming action. I also tried the water and it was not so good if you also did not use a brush to scrub the corrosion. They do not look like soda without gas and other soft drinks that queues to work too.

If your terminals continue to corrode easily, you should probably get that checked. It may be time for a new battery or it may be able to protect the terminals against corrosion. But if you’re stuck somewhere, a can of Coke can bring you back to the road.

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