How to clean the brass with 3 ingredients common kitchen

Who does not like to buy ornaments for your home? One of my favorite things to pick up, when I travel around the country, are bronze artifacts. Budhha an impressive statue of a little town called Orchha in Madhya Pradesh, bronze knockers Villejuif in Kochi and a tribal piece of Jharkhand, it’s hard for me to pick a favorite in my collection. But a month on my shelves, and they tend to become dust magnets. With folds and crevices complex, it is almost impossible to clean these precious pieces of brass. cleaning products available on the market are expensive and leave me in doubt its effectiveness (and the effect on the metal) .If also in a similar situation, they are not afraid. The answer to your problems is not in the supermarkets, but in his own refrigerator. Three food, which is easily found in your kitchen, it works like a charm to clean the brass.


It is nothing less than the humble yogurt, curd watching at home every day in many Indian homes, which becomes the perfect in brass cleaner.

How clean?

Clean with a damp cloth to get rid of all the fabric from dust and dirt. Take another clean cloth, dip them in beaten yogurt and start rubbing the article. Scrub away raw. Clean with another clean cloth. Rinse with water and dry towel. Squeaky clean.

Why does it work?

There is no magic here, pure science. Magic (if you want), is lactic acid in yogurt dissolves away the tarnish and leaves its own shiny brass.

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Tomato sauce:

Not my favorite team, thanks to the added sugar content. However, it has a fabulous cleaner! This works best for small items such as copper penny or taste.

How clean?

With a damp cloth, wipe the dirt obvious. Brassware Place in a plastic container and cover with tomato sauce. If it is too thick, add half a tablespoon of water to help cover completely liquid elements. Leave aside for 60 minutes. Then, some items, wash with warm water and dry with a paper towel.

Why does it work?

Organic acids naturally present in tomatoes help in the cleaning process.

Lemon and salt:

This is not the favorite, largely because it runs the risk of otherwise super smooth scratch marks. However, it is very effective.

How clean?

Clean your brass items with a damp cloth, as mentioned above. Cut the lemon in half. Sprinkle sea salt on it and rub the soft brass parts. Wash with warm water and dry with a soft cloth.

Why does it work?

Lemon is a natural acid and works wonders to help Fade Away tarnishing.