The Correct Way to Clean Eyeglasses

Everything we did. When our glasses are colored at the corner of our shirt and clean. Probably even you know this is the wrong way to clean glasses, but it does it anyway. But you do need special sprays and microfiber cleaning cloth goggles in the right way, the Wall Street Journal says you only need soap kitchen and a regular cotton cloth.

The reason for his shirt is terrible for cleaning glasses is because it is probably full of dust and lens stripes. Otherwise, any old piece of cotton will, and regular old kitchen soap is much better than the cleaning solutions obtained to the optometrist:

The AOA recommends washing glasses every morning, paying special attention to frames and headphones, where the hair product and makeup tend to rub. Whatever you do, do not use the most practical way of water to clean your lenses. “Some people use the pin, but do not,” exhorts Dr. Geist. Although dirty glasses do not cause eye infection, saliva “is not the best method of hygiene, and will not work very well.” Soap, hot water and a dry cloth is all that ” It is necessary, once a day, to keep crystals clean and functional optimally.
You should not use anything with ammonia, bleach, vinegar (even if it is ideal for ships), or window cleaner, as the chemicals remove coatings on the glasses. Keeping your glasses is optimal very easy when you do it properly. This should be enough to keep these new computers optimally.

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