Cleaning keurig Coffee Maker

Coffee mug with Keurig or Tassimo sealed and are popular for their ease of use and consistency of beer, but they have more components of the automatic coffee machine filter cleaning is standard involved. Fortunately, you can thoroughly clean your coffee just using a toothbrush and vinegar.

weblog housekeeper Clean My Space offers a useful video tutorial published before. Keurig coffee dishwasher safe standard has some parts as the water tank, but other parts must be cleaned by hand. Although these parts are in the dishwasher take your toothbrush and remove all traces of coffee left in the holder of the K-cup. Take this opportunity to clean the surface of the machine with a paper towel or dishcloth and some purpose cleaner. Clean the entire accumulation of white crust (mineral deposits) with white vinegar button. When the dishwasher is finished, move your Keurig.

Now he will run vinegar through the machine to create an infusion of husked to remove mineral deposits on the inner workings of the coffee machine. Fill the water tank halfway with white vinegar and run several cycles of preparation and without K-cups to get rid of vinegar, then rinse the tank, fill with water, and run cycles sufficient preparation to empty the water tank again. This will get rid of vinegar you do not want the remains of vinegar ruin your cup of tea.

This routine will take about 15-20 minutes, but do not do it very often. I would say maybe once a season if you are using the machine every day; less if used only occasionally.

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