How to clean paint brushes oil based paint ?

The Best Way to Clean a Paint Brush with the Least Amount of Thinner

They say that painting is all about preparing and maintaining a clean brush will ensure that your next painting job just begins. Meticulous approach shown here uses the least paint thinner and maximizes efficiency.

A high quality brush like Purdy last for years if proper care. They cost a little more, but they are really worth it. If you ever had to repaint something because the cheapo brush using lines made or lost in the paint bristles, then you know that a good brush is poured quickly.

The above cleaning technique uses only 1/8 of diluent to completely submerge and saturate the brush. Higher amounts of thinner will not be more effective in the cleaning brush, so why waste?

Once the brush is soaked with a beautiful stroke a stainless steel brush through it a few times, then repeat the process 4-5 times. This may seem like a tedious technique, but you will save finer money and replace the dirty brushes. Watch the video to see the process in action.

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