How to clean windows without streaking them ?

Clean Windows and Keep Them Streak-Free With the “Blue Rain” Method

Cleaning windows is a pain, especially if you live in a place that gets plenty of rain. The method of cleaning the “Blue Rain” window will keep your windows clear and pleasant in three steps.

With this Rebecca Hill graphic of Windows Clera, you learn to keep the windows clear of bands inside and out. All you need is a little Dawn blue dish soap, Rain-X Original, and some Rain-X 2-in-1. Mixing a drop of blue blade in a spray bottle with warm water, then applied on both sides of the window. Use a paper towel to clean the dirt and a squeak clean squeak. Once the window is 100% dry, apply Rain-X Original alien and wipe with a paper towel or newspaper. Do the same with the inside surface of the window, but with Rain-X 2-in-1 (it is odorless and better for indoor use). Rain-X is usually for car windows, but can also save a lot of work on the windows of his house. You can see the full graph below.

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