8 ways to empty your mind of stress

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. There are constant ups and down and often feel like everything that could go wrong explodes in the face. There will be obstacles, unforeseen obstacles and setbacks arguments that contribute to one thing – stress, and lots of it.

Although you can not completely avoid stress, just run up and consumption can lead to a collapse. A clear mind is a healthy and productive mind. Here are eight ways you can rid your mind of stress, allowing you to stay focused on crushing any goal you set.

1. Talk to a friend.
The discussion of their problems, obstacles and possible solutions with a friend is a great way to reduce stress. Often, as entrepreneurs, we are so intertwined with our work actually cause our own stress.

Just talk about things you can clarify a situation and learns that things are not as bad as you imagine they are. In addition, knowing that someone in his corner who will always be there for you gives you more confidence to face any situation.

2. Read a good book.
Picking up a book allows you to escape – without having to leave. Take time to learn about a topic you want, including all that is the cause of your current stress. You can get information, advice and reading in peace. If you need some good suggestions check this list.

3. Write down your thoughts in a journal.
Writing is something that many entrepreneurs are not enough – however, it is a personal exercise so powerful it can help to better understand any dilemma or situation. Put a paper on your desk and throw it in the bag when you leave the office – keep on you at all times.

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When a stressful situation arises withdraw your journal and write down the problem, contributing to the problem and possible ways to defuse the problem. I give it a try – I bet you will be surprised by the ease with which they are able to reach a solution to any problem.

4. Go to the gym hard.
In the gym, it is a great way to rid your body of stress – you can literally sweat the stress. Finding the motivation to go to the gym is often the biggest hurdle to overcome, but once you get used to working regularly as the ability to eliminate stress in the gym is not lost.

Leave the phone in your car or cabinet, pull the helmet and get the blood flowing and the heart rate beginning. Besides eliminating stress, the health benefits of regular exercise should be enough to convince make it a regular event.

5. Go for a long term.
With the gym, I also like to go for a long time to clear my head and out of my business. I like outdoor run made up of several destinations along the way – allowing me to focus on reaching all points. Exercise in combination with the approach eliminates stress.

As in the gym, leave your phone at home or office. It is very easy to take a break to check emails or voice messages if you bring your phone – an email or a single message can trigger the voltage to return instantly. Throw in a comfortable pair of running shoes and make sure you have a large selection of ready to rock music. And the music they consume.

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6. Go blow for blow in the boxing ring.
A quick peek into local gyms will show that many people jump into the ring for fitness. Many gyms offer really announced boxing as a workout to reduce stress.

I saw men and women of all ages in the ring. Sometimes you just need to hit something and let some steam. If boxing is not for him to go to the beach line and hit a bucket of golf balls or take swings in the batting cage. Drive a golf ball 280 yards or crush a baseball 400 feet will make you forget that once emphasized.

7. Take time to meditate.
True meditation, when you are able to unsubscribe from all that is happening in their world and just focus on breathing, has incredible benefits. the stress is removed, allows you to think clearly, see the big picture and helps reduce the likelihood of future events stress you.

As entrepreneurs, we are so busy – working permanently with the pedal to the metal – often we forget to pause for a minute and take a step back just breathe.

8. Disconnect the technology and take a walk or hike.
Unplug technology and venture into nature – a beach, park or trail offers an ideal place to forget the stress for a minute and lose scenario. Connection with nature that reminds us that, and the things that make us stress, are just small pieces of a much larger picture.