Cloning HDD to SSD

Windows has many programs available cloning units, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. It is almost impossible to choose the perfect one, but if you have a unit to clone, we recommend you start your search with DriveImage XML.

DriveImage XML

Platform: Windows
Price: Free
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Backup drives and partitions to image files
Copying one block per block unit directly to another unit
Cloning and imaging units when starting Windows, no need to restart
Browse, view, and extract files
Restore the images in the same or another drive, just like when you made a backup
Schedule automatic backups with Windows Task Scheduler
Launch it from a live CD to restore a bootable system.

The biggest benefit of DriveImage XML on other cloning applications is that it is not necessary to restart the computer to perform the cloning process. You can “warm picture” your reader so you can start cloning while continuing to work. In addition, although this is not Cloner’s most advanced market, you can perform almost all basic cloning tasks in a simple program (which is surprisingly rare in other applications) can clone one disk to another Disk, copy a disk to an image or individual clone partitions. As it is designed to perform backups, you can also perform scheduled incremental backups and even restore one of these images from a live CD if your computer does not start even.

Where it does not respond

DriveImage XML is far from perfect. While the work is done, it is a bit ugly, and not the easiest to use application on the market. Live CD creation is particularly difficult. It works fine as a simple cloner for the data migration unit, but if you are going to use for a normal backup, want to try to record the live CD before you start to trust it. If you want something a little easier to use, you’ll probably have to pay for something like Acronis True Image but for regular cloning work, DriveImage XML does the job, as well as any other person and without rebooting.

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As we said, there are many different cloning applications for Windows, and all do some things a little different. When it comes to this, it is difficult to choose the “best application of cloning,” you really need to look for the best cloning application for work. Here are some of our favorite alternatives.

Acronis True Image is an excellent program if you use utility cloning units as their primary backup. Acronis is very easy to use, has all sorts of additional features like data synchronization via computers, realign units and more but it is quite expensive at $ 50. If you are looking for a great backup system, Which you do the job, but if you just want to clone some units, is probably too much. That said, if you’re using a Western Digital player, you can plug it in for free from the WD website.

Clonezilla is a fantastic live CD for advanced cloning work. In fact, we’ve talked about it in our migration of guidance data, and just we scratch the surface of what you can do. It is very easy to use, but if you are an advanced user who has advanced needs, is a great tool.

Easeus Partition Master is my favorite of the cluster. Do not be the hot picture of their shares or align them, but as it is coupled with a partitioning, which allows you to perform many tasks at once, instead of any cloning units. You can move partitions, resize, defragment and more, along with the other tools you would expect from a cloning tool. It will be the hot picture of your player, and if you want to create an image instead of cloning a new disc you have to use your own independent picture but together they give you almost anything you might need (And “Re perfect for migrating data to a smaller unit, such as an SSD).

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Again, this is far from being a complete list, but these are some of the best applications we recommend you check out. There are tons of other popular cloning tools, such as Macrium Reflect, Paragon Backup & Recovery, Norton Ghost or even Devil Gparted. If you have a favorite we do not speak, let us know why you like in the reviews.