How to Communicate Effectively in Cross-cultural Communications ?

5 Ways to effectively communicate with employees

Effective communication with employees requires effort, repetition, consideration and must come from the biggest heart. Communication should be something that entrepreneurs looking to make whenever you can instead consider it as a checkbox before returning to the “real work” business management.

Currently, performance I like the CEO of a local marketing solutions company that was created by combining two business units that were previously part of a larger company. I was responsible for managing this complicated business waisted in order to transform a legacy print business to a digital business booming. A major challenge was the basis that the employee had more than 5,000 people, with offices in 34 states, which means that regular and effective communication throughout the organization was critical to success. From day one, I decided to create an open, transparent dialogue about the company, our progress and what we have to do to win.

Here are five strategies that I recommend to start to create a culture of communication and alignment:

1. Send the weekly correspondence for all employees of the company.
Every Monday without fail for the past three years, I have sent an email written personally to all company employees about things that I think and issues important to the company. This type of communication is an opportunity to really connect and engage the entire organization.

2. Build the comfort of talking about what does not work.
Many companies have a culture of looking for the positive aspects and avoid shouting and discussion of the negative aspects. Large companies are focusing on what is wrong for them to dig and improve. This approach allows employees feel they have a say in the culture of your company and your ideas are valued.

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3. Conduct City Council meetings.
If you have offices in a city or across the country, the travel plan to have face to face conversations with these groups, regardless of size. Make sure not just conference. Foster has two cialog frankly. You will be able to learn a lot about what is really happening in the company from these sessions that can help you and your management team to make better decisions.

4. Put a high annual management conference for executives.
This type of conference is a working session where each leader can understand the business strategy, plans and messages together and bring information to their teams. An equal value as important is the creation of an informal network that is done that allows managers to have effective communication with each other throughout the year.

5. Answer each employee email within 24 hours.
We are all busy time, but always to communicate with employees who work hard every day to serve your customers and build your business. His team wants to be heard and to feel appreciated.