How to communicate effectively with your partner ?

Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

Effective communication is one of the most important skills of life that we can learn, but that usually do not put much effort into it. If you want to have better conversations in your social life or improve their ideas at work, here are some essential tips to learn how to communicate more effectively.

1. Monitor your body language
You tell your partner who is open to discussion, but her arms are crossed; Say you are listening, but have not yet watched from your phone. Our non-verbal and unwritten clues often reveal more than we think they do. Whether it is the way you make eye contact or how you stand during a video interview, remember that you are constantly communicating even when you are not saying a word. A strange way to tap into your body for better communication? Think about your toes. Or take a position of power, you must increase your confidence before a great speech. Or learn to read the body language of others so that you can respond appropriately.

2. Getting rid of unnecessary chatloads
Um and ah do little to improve your speech or daily conversations. Cut off more convincing and feel or look safer. One way is to start keeping track of when you say words like “um” or “like”. You can also try to put your hand in their pockets or just relax and stop before talking. These silences seem to them more uncomfortable than others, they trust us.

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3. Have a script for small talk and other occasions
Small Talk is an art that few people have mastered. For inevitable, uncomfortable silences with people they hardly know, it’s helpful to have a plan. (, Profession, family dreams of recreation) FORD method could help raise issues to discuss, and can also make conversation in conversations by sharing information that could help you and the other person find a ground- agreement. Hey, anything talking can make you happier in the long run.

4. Telling a Story
The stories are powerful. They activate our brain, make sucking less presentations, make us more persuasive, and may even help that interviews. Learn the secrets to becoming a great storyteller with these Pixar rules or simply using the word “but” more to structure his narrative. Everyone has at least a great story in them.
5. Ask questions and repeat the other person
Let’s face it, all we are left when someone else has spoken or heard the other person wrong. Ask questions and repeat the last words of the other person shows that you are interested in what they say, allows you to stay alert and clarifies points that could be misunderstood (for example, “To recap, you Go buy tickets for Saturday? “).

It also helps to speak and fill in awkward silences. Instead of trying to provoke conversations on mundane topics such as weather, ask questions of the other person (eg, “Do you have plans for the summer?” Or “What is You read in recent times? “) And participate in their responses. Interest is more important to be interesting.

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