How to be confident without being arrogant

How to be confident without being arrogant

You are a people pleaser. You are someone who can not speak your mind. You are someone who is afraid that his opinion does not matter. Let people treat you as they want and do not give them the consequences of their actions.

This is exactly the same as I felt it was six years ago. I could not overcome the debilitating fear that was worthless. I had no confidence. Over the years, I developed confidence and a realistic view of what I’m capable, but I want to go in the opposite direction: to become arrogant and full of myself instead of being “safe” me- even.

Here is how you can become confident without becoming conceited.

Know your strengths

This is the exact thing I do not know who brought me to believe that he was worthless. It is important to be able to identify what is good in your life, so just choose something like the thing you spend your time. When you find your strengths, you can accomplish things in your life with much more confidence.

There are some great ways to find their strengths. A simple way would be to find things you love to do and the things that make you feel “strong”; Ie find the tasks and actions you do on a regular basis that make you feel good. These tend to be your strengths.

More importantly, know your limits

Despite the knowledge of your strengths, it is important to ensure that only safe and not arrogant, you should know what your limits are.

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If you laugh at the idea that you have limitations, you need more than ever realize that you do. Everybody aspires to something. In fact, everyone yearns for most things. The problem is that we need to know what to avoid “Superman Syndrome” or the idea that everything you do or can do is instantly good.

Get a crew

Nothing better than to have people around who can keep responsible and talk to you when you are too full of himself. Having people who are honest and not afraid to show the reality of any situation are some of the best people who have as friends and confidants.

Having others around you to support and stand up and show you where you are misstepping is certainly a good way to become arrogant. I’m not saying that people around you that makes you feel like crap; You need people around you who are not afraid to tell the truth about you and your situation.

Record your successes and failures

A good way to gain instant confidence takes a look at all the important things he has achieved in the weeks, months and years in a sort of registration form. It further solidifies the idea that you are not in vain in any way and can actually give something back to society. At the opposite end, a review of past failures keep his effrontery in the bay and show you that you can really live, no matter how awesome your past accomplishments.

A good way to record what would be a simple spreadsheet or even two text files (successes and failures).

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Be careful and stay firm

Being aware is one of the best ways to stay grounded in reality. The practice of mindfulness will help you (and others) who and what they really see; Nothing more and nothing less.

You must not be a meditation guru to do this, just from time to time and take stock of your current awareness of their environment, their feelings and situation of shares. In fact, you can set little reminders for that throughtout the day to stay on track. Although it is not very “Buddha-like” will certainly help remind you to be aware throughout the day.

Go and repeat

To ensure that you are safe without being arrogant in the long term must constantly “check yourself”. Take your record of success / failure and look, ask your “crew” if you are too confident (or even if you are not safe enough), and sometimes to be aware of reality.