Connecting Laptop to Smart Tv

Hang a desktop computer to a monitor is simple; just plug in and it works. Connecting a laptop to a TV should be easy, right? Well, not always. Read on as several ways to connect a computer to the TV explains.

Connection types

Television, at least the most recent, generally supports many different connections, so it is to find one that will allow your computer to connect to it. The most recent of your laptop and TV, the longer this process will be and the better the quality of audio and video.

HDMI connections

All modern TVs have HDMI inputs and are currently the best way to connect any device to a TV. HDMI provides superior audio and video in a light cable that is easy to connect and store. If you try to connect your laptop to a TV bought in recent years (HDMI has been widely used since 2005), and HDMI is the way to go.


The most common form and connected to the HDMI port on the TV will be based on the HDMI port on your laptop. As with TVs, laptops and more recently manufactured they have an HDMI port on them. HDMI cables are cheap and the connection of devices with this method is really easy, especially because they are very easy to find.


It is likely that is never a portable television or a computer with a DVI port on it. However, it is very common to find on the desktop. DVI uses digital signals to send video output, so it can be easily adapted to HDMI while maintaining high quality. The biggest drawback of using DVI instead of HDMI is that it does not sound door.

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HDMI to Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt and Mini DisplayPort connections use identical, and either can be used to transmit video and high-quality audio to your TV via HDMI. Since both connections are digital, but also can be converted to DVI. You can also buy an adapter to convert one of these connections to VGA. Note that it if you went to the DVI or VGA road, lost.

HDMI to DisplayPort

DisplayPort can be easily converted to DVI or HDMI (all three are numeric). You excellent quality audio and video using the DisplayPort connection continues, so it is right on par with the use of HDMI cable but obviously less common.

VGA connections


VGA connections are common in computers and televisions, but every day, so you can not see in recent laptop models. VGA can produce an image with good looks, but not in the same league as their digital counterparts (HDMI, DVI). VGA can not see it. Using the above image it is marked as “RGB” – RGB and VGA supported, but this explanation is beyond the scope of this article.


It would be a little unusual to use this because it’s much more likely that you will be able to connect your devices only with VGA or DVI to HDMI at least. However, no case of having to use this type of connection. Get the analog VGA quality provides and you have to find another way to get his job back.

Audio connections

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If you are using VGA or DVI to connect your computer to a TV, you need to find another way to get your current sound. You have two options: You can use external speakers that connect to your computer (or use the built-in speakers for your laptop), or you can use a separate audio cable to transmit sound from the computer to the TV.

Typically, a cable TV accepts 3.5 mm can be used in conjunction with the video signal.

Wireless connections

If you prefer to cut the cord and wireless technology, there are many products available that can transmit the video signal from the computer to the TV to your WiFi network. Netgear Push2TV is one example, but there are many alternatives, so look around for a good price and Highly rated.

5.1 Wireless

These products are small devices that can be connected to the TV via HDMI, and connect wirelessly to your computer. This may not be an ideal for transmitting high-performance video solution, such as whether to use to play video games. However, with a good connection to the router, you should have no problem in transmitting 1080p video this way.

They are connected and now?

With your laptop connected to the TV, both devices must recognize the connection and automatically adjust. A message may appear on your TV, asking if you want to change to the new entry is detected.

If the TV does not detect and automatically adjusts the new connection, you must manually select the correct input on the TV. If it is found at the entrance to the right and still do not see an image, you need to adjust the display settings on your computer.

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The easiest way is to press the Home key + P. From there, you can decide how you want to use the TV screen (clone, extend, etc.).