Lucid Dreaming: Here’s how you can control your dreams

His adventures Lucid Dreaming can start this week
Lucid dreaming is a hybrid state of consciousness. It is the dream state where it is understood that they are dreaming and can do basically anything your brain recalls. In this heightened state, it is possible to live your wildest fantasies, or even unlock your subconscious mind. The process of making you dream organically is not easy to achieve, but the benefits are worth it.

1. Start a dream journal
The key is to become the memory of lucid dreams and coherent thought their dreams. Keep a sleep diary does both. A dream journal can be as simple as a spiral notebook or as a custom leather-bound diary. The goal is the same regardless.

Keep your calendar and a pen somewhere near where you sleep each night. As soon as you wake up, start the dream recall. Write down everything you remember your dreams as soon as possible. More details the better! In addition to this every time you wake up, you actually read your own journal entries and reflect on every dream you had.

2. Perform reality checks throughout the day
Physics tends to disappear in dreams, without excluding the lucid dream. The reality checks help us to see if we dream. Start this process by using simple reality checks in your waking life. Turn off the light and go several times when he enters a room. As you do, I am aware in your mind and watch what you do and you are awake. Find a couple of reality checks that are natural for you, that way when they finally become lucid in your dreams, you can easily confirm this himself.

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My favorite reality check to look at my feet, I recognize that, given the gravity. When I’m having a lucid dream, I can say this because I am easily able to float a few centimeters above the ground. Make at least ten reality checks per day if you want to become quickly clear night.

3. Ponder at least twice daily
It is very important to clean your head when you are going to sleep, especially when you attempted first lucid dream. Meditation is something that promotes healthy mentality throughout. mental well-being should be a priority for everyone because it transcends other ways of life, including how to dream.

Meditate once at any convenient point in the day, and again half an hour before going to sleep. This method of meditation should give you plenty of time to be reflected in its time and compose before his adventures with lucid dreaming.

4. Take supplements that help to lucid dream
Although this step is not absolutely necessary for success, take supplements that improve sleep can significantly increase their level of deep sleep sleep also known as rapid eye movement (REM). This is the dream state in which it is more likely to dream. The healthier you are healthy in all will be your sleep cycles.

Make sure you start by taking a daily multivitamin and add more magnesium, choline and fish oil, which support brain function healthy. Melatonin is a natural and effective sleep aid. As always, if you have health problems or taking medication, consult your doctor before taking new supplements.

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5. Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD)
Most people remember someone saying that “counting sheep” to turn off your brain and get to sleep. Although it seems a bit silly this approach really works. Induction mnemonic lucid dreams or MILD is a process or repetition.

SWEET is an exercise that is tested, either aloud or silently in his head just before going to sleep. Repeat a sentence like “I dream tonight, and I shall be conscious that I dream,” again and again until he departs. Make sure you find your own mnemonics related to the above. The more you can relate to his essay, more powerful it will be.

6. Spend an hour or more a day researching lucid dreams
There are many resources available online related to lucid dreaming. Devote a minimum of one hour per day to self learn about the subject. Control of Your Dreams Tom Stafford is a deep and name your own price ebook with a lot of relevant information. The World of Lucid Dreaming site is another great resource.

Remember never feel frustrated if you do not have a lucid dream have as fast as you want. If you follow these guidelines, there is a good chance you can dream lucidly, but there are no guarantees. Like most things in life, more dedication and effort you put into it, the more likely you are lucid in your dreams.