Step by Step Guide for Converting Celsius to Fahrenheit

If you do a lot of cooking or to work with temperature in a manner that does not require exact precision Reddit user actions quaxon a dead simple method for conversion between Fahrenheit and Celsius on his head, without a calculator.

The formula for converting between the two temperature scales are not something most of us can do in our head, but if you only need to estimate the closing quaxon formula works very well:

C and F: Multiply the temperature between 2 and then add 30
(Actual formula is multiplied by 1.8, add 32)
for example 22 C is approximately equal to 74 degrees using my method, the actual conversion is 71.6
F C: Now only works backward, subtract 30 from the temperature. then divide by 2
(Again, the current formulae is constants 1.8 and 32)

As you can see in the example of quaxon it is not an exact match, but if you just need to convert temperatures when cooking or after other directions that work great in a hurry.

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