How to cook bacon perfectly as a chef

Everybody loves bacon, but few of us know how to cook properly. Read on for some valuable tips to prepare this delicious meat:

# 1 Hot microwave

Sometimes we do not have 20 minutes to cook our bacon and we must do it quickly. There are all kinds of bacon racks out there these days for your microwave, and most of them use a drainage system to drain extra fat when cooking.

However, you do not need to really good bacon microwave: Place three layers of paper towels on a plate and handed it to her side by side strips. Cover it with another paper towel. To cook one minute for each tranche is usually the way to go, but every oven is different, so watch while cooking bacon to ensure you do not over.
# 2 of cooking in the pan

Most people like bacon frying in a pan in its own fat. There is nothing wrong with tradition, but they will want to follow some guidelines:

-Choose A large, flat and arrange the strips so that they do not overlap, as it will leave parts of raw bacon, and do not want the pan!

Only 1-2 -Kitchenette bands cause problems because it will generate enough fat to prevent burning.

-no-NO-throw cold bacon in a hot pan. You must set the shoes on the counter for a few minutes before cooking, allowing the fat to loosen and return to his softer more natural state. When you’re ready to start cooking, put the bacon in an ambient temperature of the frying pan on medium heat. This will allow your bacon slowly absorb heat and cook evenly; This is the best way to avoid the scorching and burning bacon.

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No. Flipping too. You are not required to do more than once. If you cook over medium heat, expect to turn the skin after 10 minutes, but every stove is different, so keep an eye on him.

No. 3 Four style

If you ever wondered how restaurants are capable of serving as the perfect bacon, you need not ask: most restaurants have to cook large quantities of bacon, so it bakes.

To do this in your kitchen, preheat oven to 350. Your Lay slices on a baking sheet without overlapping, then place in the oven. The entire cooking process should take about 15 minutes, but of course, cook bacon is an art, not science, so that it would be beneficial to keep an eye on him.

Many think cooking bacon bacon lovers in the oven is the best way to go, get very crispy bacon dish will never forget!

No. 4 Vermont style

Fry the bacon is great, but there are several ways you can spice up your life, and one way to do is add the maple syrup to the mixture. Adobo bacon syrup may seem strange; that usually do not marinate before cooking bacon, but let me tell you, that give the skin a delightful touch that will try again.

To do this, simply place several slices in a bowl and sprinkle with your favorite maple syrup. We recommend using the types of thinner syrup because this will make less of a mess when cooking.

Make sure the syrup covers all sides of the bacon slices, then refrigerate for about 30 minutes to soak it all. Then fry them in the pan bacon as usual. Delicious!

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