How to Cook the Ancient Grain Barley

Say the barley and instant thought that comes to mind for most of us, it is beer. Well, we all know that one of the most beloved in the world’s alcoholic beverages is made from barley. But then, what other delights are made of old grains? Disoriented

Although many cultures around the world have widely used as one of the main sources of nutrition, barley fails to achieve the graphs in the current scenario. The fault outside husky makes it a bit difficult to cook. But overcome inhibitions, and you will learn that once you start using it as an ingredient in the kitchen, hazelnut flavor and the texture of the business you add. Soon, it will look for different and interesting ways to use this ancient cereal in your daily diet.

Beginner’s Guide to Barley

If you visit the barley market, chances are they are with these two varieties – peeled and pearled barley. In Hindi, known as jau. The first type, with the outer shell removed, but with the layer of dark brown intact barn, is said to be superior in terms of nutritional value – is rich in soluble and insoluble fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and compounds Phytochemicals that are thinking about reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Pearly barley, on the other hand is the kind transformed into straw and sound are polished to leave the white pearl grain.

With regard to cooking these two varieties, barley peeling takes longer. But personally I think it is worth the wait because the texture and taste are much more rewarding while cooking the dishes. Pearled barley is easy to cook, is beautiful on the plate, but lacks a bit of crispy nuts.
How to cook barley

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The first step to cook barley is to boil the beans. Take the required amount of barley and wash thoroughly. If you use peeling variety, you can soak it in water for a few minutes before using (about 15-20 minutes).

Passing the measure 1 cup of barley, take 3 cups of water in a saucepan. Add a pinch of salt, and put on the flame. Add the barley and let it come to a boil. Then lower the flame and simmer for 20 minutes (if pearled barley is used) and 40 minutes (if peeled barley is used). Check the cooking, then drain the excess water and allow it to cool. You can now use barley to cook a variety of dishes.

Few important points to consider are –

The castrated barley still retains its shape after boiling process, and has a firm texture. As such, it is perfect for the use of pulao, stir-fries, hot salads, or as an alternative to rice.

Pearl barley, also known as barley barley tends to be slightly starched due to the removal of its layer during processing. Therefore, works well in soups that acts as thickener, risotto, khichdi, stews, and even as cereals.
Dishes to try at home

The first time I cooked with the variety of barley used peeling and made a vegetable pilaf. The more nutritious rice alternative was a refreshing change and was beautiful at the dinner table with each grain holding its shape. On another occasion, I used barley to make a quick sauteed butter with bacon, peas, carrots and beans, and finished with whiskey to give it a Maltese finish. The result was delightfully good. So I tried to experiment with the variety of pearls and made a dish inspired by Pasta Alfredo. I changed the pasta with barley and worked very well. The grains have similar to that of pasta al dente and the starch produced during the cooking process has contributed to the richness of the dish, making it a delicious creamy texture.

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Barley pearl is best for risottos. Like rice, beans should be cooked directly in the broth until they become plump, soaking in the delicious flavors. Tibetans are known to use barley to make tsampa, a roasted barley flour first, then grind. It is often eaten as a cereal with cheese or salted butter tea. It is also believed that it is the Dalai Lama’s favorite breakfast gift.
If all these discussions about barley convinced him to try and cook it at home, we listed some delicious recipes for you –

Risotto of barley

Barley takes the place of rice in this risotto recipe, and is made using yellow squash, bitter gourd, zucchini and some other herbs.

Barley salad with avocado and Granada

A good salad made with the goodness of pearled barley, Granada and avocado. You can also throw in some olives and other vegetables of your choice. Olive oil and lemon juice sprinkled before serving.

Salad of barley and red rice

Barley and red rice combine brilliantly in this recipe while corn, pomegranate seeds, beans, apricot and bean clusters add a mixture of flavors. Add the green onions and mix well with freshly prepared dressing, which is sure to be a favorite.