Top 10 Cauliflower Recipes

Often eclipsed by his cousin cousin green broccoli – cauliflower is a vegetable that is often taken for granted and is probably less appreciated. Cooking up a storm with cauliflower in an Indian house begins with parthas by Gobhi Excellence, accelerates pakodas and ends mostly as a regular dish.

Despite the unconditional attachment to this growing vegetable, cauliflower escapes the field of culinary experimentation for many. But the good news is that this year the cauliflower is ready to make a comeback. The chefs and restaurants have already begun to experiment with it and have predicted to be one of the most fashionable vegetables that govern 2015. It has become a regular gourmet menus, all jazzed with bold textures, sauces and spices .
This humble plant offers not only a wide range of unexplored culinary possibilities, but also a handful of health benefits that you may not have experienced. Some studies have shown that cauliflower has secretly anti-cancer properties. It is a rich source of a given compound of cancer deaths called sulforaphane which is also great for maintaining blood pressure levels and kidney functions. It is an excellent source of vitamin C and manganese which provides us with two main classical antioxidants, is anti-inflammatory, contains choline, a vitamin B known for its role in brain development, helps the body to detoxify in multiple ways and Cauliflower is an important source of dietary fiber for digestive health.
Cauliflower helps to maintain good digestion and has anti-inflammatory properties as well. Not only that, it is low in fat, cholesterol and carbohydrates. With 100 grams of cauliflower, you consume only 25 calories, 1 percent carbohydrates, less than 1 percent fat and about 80 percent of vitamin C. According to health experts, vitamin C is One of the most essential elements for the human body. It helps our body to fight against viruses and bacterial invasion, and at the same time enhances immunity.

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Tips for buying, storing and cooking

While buying cauliflower, always go for those of white flowers with no sign of discoloration. Make sure the vegetable is fresh in its entirety – Let’s bloom their leaves. You can choose to cook your stem and leaves as well. Pause in small portions to speed up cooking. Do not overcook as it may tend to get wet. Go for a quick boil or steam. You can choose to saute or stir fry or add oil to your salads for this crunchy.
Cauliflower is very versatile and can be used in many ways. Soul-warming soups, fresh fresh salads to quick snacks, sensational curry and more. You will be surprised by the variety of dishes that can serve. So do not stop and experience with our best recipes.

1.Bharwan Gobhi

Chef Marut Sikka comes this classical Indian training. Fill your cauliflower with a mixture of khoya and cheese, bathe in a cold mass and, a golden and crisp glory.

2.Honey Cauliflower

Soft texture of cauliflower accompanied by honey and lime. An aperitif disorder to please these customers without notice.

3. Cheese Cauliflower

A cozy dish with cauliflower cream and lots of cheese!

4.Gobhi Masaledar

A daily recipe made with a twist. A mix of masala can brighten up any dish!

5.Tandoori Gobhi

The marinated cauliflower is roasted to perfection and served warm on your table. It is difficult to resist this feeling on the grill.

6. Cherry and Cauliflower Soup

A nice, thick and creamy soup that will keep you comfortable on a winter day.

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7. Cauliflower Salad

Cauliflower crumbled joined with raisins, capers, herbs, peppers, plums, white vinegar and vanilla

8.Gobhi Ka Paratha

The good old Gobhi paratha! Make perfect parathas and steal hearts!

9.Gobhi Ka achaar Shalgam

Master the art of stripping. This one has a variety of flavors – sweet, sour and spicy in one bite!

10.Cauliflower Chilli Fry

Here’s a hot deal for you. Easy to cook, cauliflower flowers soaked in a spicy golden fried paste.