10 best chicken breast recipes

As much as I love breast odor juicy and tender chicken cooked to perfection, Temo cook some myself. Cook the chicken breast is like my kryptonite, more love, the more I cook because I can never resist doing things “This is the situation my friend ;! tender chicken does not resonate with the same spirit for most of us? domain chicken recipes may appear as an easy activity, but it can actually be very difficult to do well. one of the most common mistakes that most people make when cooking the chicken not overcooking and marinate properly. in this case, the key is to let the chicken breasts to soak in as much flavor as possible and cook for no more than 15 minutes.

There are several ways in which you can cook the chicken breasts: things and bake, broil, fry pan, saute, sauteed, steamed or use it in a rich curry. Once you master the art of cooking, no end to the delicious dishes that can be prepared. Join us in our quest to get the chicken breasts cooked to order with simple tricks.

1. tenderness marinade and chicken breasts are really important. They ensure that parts are loaded with fruit juices, oils and flavors, and are moist and juicy.

2. ingredients with distinct bitterness wonders with chicken breast. You can form a team with pieces of mustard, basil, pesto, teriyaki and so on.

3. salt, dried herbs, pepper, sugar, vinegar, lemon juice, yogurt, cream and spices are other agents that can help marinate the chicken.

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4. prevent chicken breasts bust. chicken breasts, when properly marinated, cook quickly. Whether crucible furnace or hot, it will be ready in 20 minutes or less!

5. Refrigerate the chicken, if you’ll leave to marinate for more than an hour.

6. Do not marinate the chicken breasts for a long time. Maintaining a balance between oil and acid element. Excess marinade can spin the fluffy and soft flesh.

7. Be sure to choose the suitable for flat pieces; larger, thicker pieces will have more time to cook. Do not forget to make incisions in the meat to facilitate seeping into flavors and oil.

8. Try glazed chicken breasts during cooking, have instant flavor.

9. If necessary, keep the chicken breasts between plastic sheet or a baking sheet and pound gently to flatten slightly. This will ensure a quick cooking.

10. Last but not least, if you fry or cook whole chicken breasts, once you do, do not rush to cut the meat right after this will lead to oozing juices of the meat. Let stand for a few minutes so that the meat is immersed in the flavors and juices. Slice, plate and serve!

Recipes to try at home

Now that you have the right foundation, it is time to show! Show your skills and inspire you with 10 stunning, tempting recipes that will make you fall in love with the chicken back!

1. chicken Mascarpone

2. Stuffed chicken breast with steamed beans

3. Chicken Layonnaise

4. honey chicken breast with herbs and asparagus

5. Chicken Schnitzel, fries and chili mayonnaise Chunky

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6. Chicken Korma with coconut milk

Sesame chicken salad 7. Asian

8. Greek barbecued skewers

9. roast chicken in mustard sauce

chicken sizzlers 10.