Cooking Egg With Sticking to Fry Pen

Eggs are a nutritious-and most versatile foods. In addition to traditional forms that have been taught to cook and enjoy eggs, here are a few eggs “hacks” more interesting you can use almost every day.

10. Cook something delicious eggs
One reason is eggs is so impressive that go so well with other foods. Some foods are perfect egg cups or containers, even giving more flavor to your dish of eggs: avocado, peppers and onion rings, orange zest, and, of course, come with bacon ‘mind.
Cook an egg in a lawyer for breakfast quick and healthy fun

Lawyers are incredible things are delicious themselves, but they also have a lot of …
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9. Cook the eggs when we have the right equipment
This is a bit strange and the most suitable for camping or just experience, but you can cook an egg using paper, a hanger, and binder clips. Or maybe when you’re traveling and hungry for a good breakfast in your hotel room will remember that you can make eggs (and other foods for breakfast) with iron.
Cooking breakfast in a hotel room with an iron and coffee

If you are stuck in a hotel room and longing for a hot breakfast, do not worry. …
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8. Peel the boiled eggs easily in seconds
Peel the eggs is a nuisance at times, when the shells are cracked into small sharp pieces or refuse to release the egg. There are many solutions to this problem first world blow the egg shell, soaking in hot water at first (and then rapidly cooled in an ice bath), when boiling water to perfection, and / or crack eggs on flat surfaces (upper and lower safety shell). Or shake the shells with the method of “car bumper” or (crazy Japanese) is Tupperware.
Cracking the ends and boiled eggs very easily knock Peel

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/ Boiled eggs are a great snack, full of protein, but remove them from their shells can be …
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Secondly, why was peeling when you can cut through the egg?
Never peel an egg again

Think about it: Peel the boiled eggs is really unnecessary when you can cut through it …
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7. Cook the eggs with unusual kitchen tools
Kitchen utensils are not the only cooking eggs equipment that you might have on hand. A pressure cooker makes it easy to peel eggs, boiled eggs and steamed in minutes, or you can use a coffee machine to make scrambled eggs. You can even use the slow cooker to make a small saucepan over night and wake up to a hot breakfast like the one above.
Steam scrambled eggs with an espresso machine

If your morning scrambled eggs are coming up short, and happen to have a coffee machine …
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6. eggs last longer
To keep the eggs can spoil too soon, avoid egg-storage containers in the holder and keep the eggs on a shelf in place. They should last three to five weeks. You can also make poached eggs and store in the refrigerator for several days. (The Kitchn said two days, but up to five Serious Eats said. Go with what you feel comfortable.) You can also freeze the eggs in ice cube trays to last longer.
Dairy Store on the top shelf of the fridge (and other stuff) for freshness

When food is placed in the refrigerator and pack them how can you avoid having to …
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5. Test quickly if an egg is bad
Cooking with a rotten egg? No thanks. Just put the egg in question in a bowl of water to see if it is still good.

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4. Cook a large batch of eggs at a time
He got a big up festive lunch or just a lot of mouths to feed? Make lots of eggs at a time does not take much more effort. Cook the eggs from the oven, perhaps with the help of muffin or towel; make a big batch of scrambled eggs and bacon in the oven; Poach the eggs in a saucepan with teacups teacups or pot with glass jars; or poach the regular practice with a steam basket. If many eggs is boiling at a time, a towel can keep the appearance of cracks in the pot.
Better eggs cooked baking, do not boil

Naturally, most of us think hard-boiled eggs should be boiled, but a better way to get that perfect …
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3. Separate eggs with a water bottle
There are several ways to separate the egg whites from the yolk, method three bowl with other alternatives, but in reality, just look at this video.
What is the best way to separate an egg yolk?

Sometimes a whole egg will simply not do. Mayonnaise, icing cakes, and called for DIY conditioner …
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2. Cut Egg Cooking Time
Eggs not long to cook, but if your stomach rumbles and every minute counts, few towers have room earlier. Cut the boiled eggs in a jiffy water for egg salad with a cooling rack or another grid (or just use your hands). Replace fresh tortilla flour to make pancakes less time. Or turn your microwave to make scrambled eggs in a minute or sunny side or poached eggs.
Hacker Challenge Winner: make faster egg salad

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1. perfect their cooking techniques egg
Now let’s talk about perfection or the egg, at least the more general, little tricks to play the egg, than to know the different consistencies suitable for egg temperatures.
The times and temperatures you need for perfectly cooked eggs in the shell

You can not think of vacuum as the perfect cooking method for cooking eggs, but J. Kenji …
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Boiled eggs: Use a calculator to arrive at the ideal time for boiling eggs. When boiling the soft eggs, use more steam and less water, and when poaching eggs, try olive oil instead of water. Visit our crash course on the subject, also known as 101 eggs cooked.
Scrambled Eggs: Use a water bath for soft scrambled eggs.
Tortillas: Add a pinch of baking soda to inflate eggs
Poached eggs: Poach empty egg style or use a strainer to keep the egg in its eggy form properly fitted.
Fried eggs: Responding to perfect sunny egg. Six or learn other ways to fry an egg to perfection. It is about three important variables.
mimosa eggs: freezer bag is your friend.
Cooking with eggs: egg whites double in the dough like a pro and get rid of the shells of a mixing bowl with a little water