Cooking Sea Lobster

The lobster is a luxury dish definitely worth shelling out for! Although abundant in British and water available all year, it is still considered a special treatment and the latest in gastronomy – although lobster and chips are increasingly finding its way into gastropub menus.

European lobster found in the cold waters of England, Scotland and Ireland (often referred to as a native lobster) is considered to be the best quality with the Canadian or American lobster a cheaper, more plentiful option.

What to look for in buying live lobster

If you buy a live lobster, you can be sure of its freshness but means killing you and many home cooks do not relish the task. If you are willing to do the deed, pick one that smells of the fresh sea and tail curls back under your body when stretched. Make sure the pins are forced or you could get a very unpleasant line contact. live lobsters are not pink as cooked, but a dark blue-green color.

Keep lobsters alive in the fridge wrapped in a damp cloth and always cook on the day of purchase.

How prepared lobster

The kindest way to send a live lobster is to use a sturdy, sharp knife and push the firm tip and quickly through the center of the cross over his head, making sure that the side of the sheet is directed towards the tail – this should kill it instantly. Many consider dropping a live lobster in boiling water cruel – even if it has fallen unconscious in the freezer.

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How to cook lobster

Once dead, usually boiled lobsters. A whole lobster (approx. 500 g) should take about 4 minutes to cook.

Alternatively, grilled lobster on a hot grill or grill can take about 8-10 minutes. Once cooked, the shell of a lobster turn bright red and juices seeping from the shells begin to coagulate.

After baking, allow cooling before carrying out the claws in order to break and remove the delicious white meat. Leave the tail and peel like a big shrimp.

If you feel brave, lobster is also delicious served raw as carpaccio. Simply blanch in boiling water for 30 seconds and then immersed in ice water. This will allow you to remove the shell without having to cook lobster. Peel the lobster, slice thinly and serve with fresh flavors such as lemon, ginger, and chives.