Cooking Salmon at Home

When you order the salmon in a restaurant, the skin is super fresh and the salmon is pink inside. So you do at home, and the skin is soft and soggy and salmon is undercooked or overcooked. So here’s what you need to know to pan-fry it as a chef.

1. Keep skin – protecting fish from an overcooking.

2. Cook the fish skin-side down in the pan for 90 percent of the cooking time.

3. Press the fish into the pan with a lid flap egg or a pan for maximum sharpness.



  • 2 x 180 g fresh salmon fillet or sea trout, with skin
  • 2 teaspoons vegetable oil
  • salt and pepper


Pat fish dry with a paper towel. Heat a pan sized fry over medium heat, add the vegetable oil, and when hot, place the fish skin-side down in the pan.

Use an egg flipper or a flat pan lid to press down firmly salmon in the pan to stop curling. You want the skin to have 100 percent contact with the heat of the pan to be crisp.

The sides of the fillet will change color from orange to pink while cooking, so uses this as your timer. When the color change reaches three-quarters on the side of the fish – about two to three minutes – turn and cook for another 30 seconds. Check that is cooked as you like through an incision in the bottom, then serve skin side up on a bed of asparagus and peas, wilted spinach, kale chips or mashed.

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