Method for Cooking Steak

We love cooking grill to cook new cuts of meat that have become available in recent years, but it is possible to make the perfect sear on the stove, too. That is how:

1. Get out of your steak well before cooking to the deepest and best browning condiment. Salting overnight is best, but if you can not plan that far in advance, try seasoning with salt kosher meat for at least an hour before cooking.

2. When it’s time to cook over high heat is key to ward off the surface moisture of a crust deep golden brown. It is also best to use a cast iron skillet or another heavy-duty pan that will retain heat once the meat hits the pan. Brush the pan with a little vegetable oil and heat on the stove until wisps of smoke rising from the surface. Then place the meat in the center and golden brown on top, bottom, and edges.

3. There are many ways to guess if it is done, but the only truly reliable way is with a meat thermometer. It is well worth the investment.

4. When the meat is almost done, he drops a little butter and a splash of Worcestershire sauce in the pan and meat Basté continuously. Hot fat until crust is crisp even more, add butter flavor depth, and lend an attractive sheen steak.

5. Before digging in, let the meat sit for 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the size of the cut; this will allow the juices to redistribute, by a most exquisite steak. To serve, sprinkle the meat with coarse salt and black ground pepper.

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