Curing Hiccups Fast at Home

This instructable will show you two simple ways to stop hiccups in less than a minute.

For the first two clean hands are needed.
For the second full mouth of drinking liquid is needed.

Any method is useful regardless of location or situation so that everyone can use to cure this annoying condition when and where it appears. It is also completely free and easy to teach.
Step 1: Method 1

Method 1 Image

Use your thumbs to pinch the nose closed and seal the nasal passage.
Use your middle fingers (or whatever the best for you) to connect both ears as tightly as possible.
Inhale and exhale through your mouth slowly and calmly as you can handle.
Count to thirty Mississippi (or Mississauga.)
Unplug the ears and nose.
Keep breathing slowly and calmly.
Hiccups are gone.

Method 1 operates nine times out of ten in the most common cases. For the tenth time, see Method 2.

Step 2: Method 2

Picture Method 2

You may be able to succeed with method 1, either because they can not get the nose and ears plugged firmly enough or because hiccups are so intense that the rocks around the body (and therefore you can not be quiet, even breathing long enough.)

Find and take a sip of water (or other beverage.)
Do not swallow yet.
Bend at the waist (either standing or sitting.)
Imagine trying to get your head as close as possible to the rear.
Now swallow.
Get up, clear your throat and deep breathing.

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Hiccups are gone. Otherwise, methods 1 and 2 repeat a few times each for a short period of time. [If the hiccups persist beyond a few hours, you may want to consult a doctor for a pharmaceutical form of treatment.]