Cutting Glass Bottles

Red Dan, from the site GREENPOWERSCIENCE was really disappointed with the methods to cut wine bottles. He tried all kinds of techniques, including burning string method, cut with a grinder, using a blowtorch on a marked line, etc. All methods eventually generate fault lines that were too irregular and require a lot of cleaning to adjust to use. He did his research and tried a new technique, see the video below. The first half of the movie is instructive, showing that the poor results are similar and what kind of cut you are targeting, but if you want to go directly to the part of the tutorial video you want to go up to about 3: 40 in the clip.

For those of you behind firewalls YouTube enemies, the secret of Dan ingredient of art is to make a single cut line in the glass with a low-cost tool for cutting the bottle wine itself simple device that appears in the tutorial and the previous wine bottle, then pour boiling water over the cut line. The low boiling point of water, compared to the much higher temperature flame used in other techniques, a much cleaner fracture line with almost no flaking or cracking is obtained.

Having an ingenious technique to recycle something old into something new? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

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