How to Cut Glass at Home Without a Glass Cutter ?

Cutting a Glass at Home Yourself

A glass shop or hardware store can make the best discounts for you, but if you do a project or replace their own windows, an art worth learning how to cut glass itself. It is always an easy process that you have the right tools and know the right technique.

Before cutting glass, carpets and punctuation good glass break is needed to cover the work surface and brush for cleaning store all the broken glass particles. glasses is also a necessity when working with glass.

Punctuate a glass glass cutter (cutting) and are available in a variety of styles. A firearm to a cutting style pencil style, what matters most is that you feel comfortable with your grip on the knife and practice, practice, practice.

Running pliers and tweezers grozer switch are common glass tools that allow you to break the mark next to glass without skipping or break the following cutting edges.

Watch the video above for a good tutorial for glass notation using these tools.

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