How to cut your own hair in layers step by step with pictures ?

How to cut your own hair: Step by Step Guide

You’re probably wondering why the hell you cut your own hair. Saving money is one reason, but it’s not like a haircut every three months is particularly broken battery. The truth is that you simply do not need to visit a salon every time you want a quick adjustment. In addition, you do not know your hair as well as it does: he knows the random natural curls can not seem to control; the birthmark on his head that you want to cover; products that actually do what they say on the tin – why trust someone less knowledgeable?

As the shape of the girl’s hair recommended if you are a beginner who is probably best to start with a basic ponytail cut. While you may be qualified to give a new brand style barber, this simple technique is perfect if you want to keep your long hair under control.

First, get your tools together
You need professional standards scissors, mirrors, combs and clips. Consider the word professional! Old, blunt scissors do not cut the mustard. You need a couple that are easy to handle and deliver nice clean cuts. Think of it as an investment. lot of money on haircuts in the future it will save and it is practically a one-time expense.

Step Two: Prepare …
Before you begin, make sure the hair is washed, conditioned and unraveled. If you choose to cut your hair while it is wet, that’s fine. … But do not go too crazy! Wet combing is deceptively long, so be sure to receive a small contraction. If you choose to cut dry hair, straighten advance to make it easier to handle.

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Step Three: Section your hair
From the rear, dividing the hair into sections. Clips two thirds of hair on top, leaving the remaining third. Wear your hair in the front so you can see what you are doing in the mirror.

Step four: start cutting!
The longer the hair, the safer you are. Make small cuts in the first place – you can always go shorter later. Cut as straight as possible. When you go to the adjacent section, comparing the length to make sure you make an even cut.

Step Five: Make a reverse ponytail and continue
Brushing before the remaining two thirds of her hair back ponytail and cut straight hair. More you cut the ends of your layers will be. Again, start slowly, cut an inch at a time.

Step Six: Inspect and repetition (if necessary!)
Use mirrors to check the front and back of your hair. Look out for any uneven cuts, then cut the excess accordingly. If you want to go shorter, repeat the process from step three.

Cut your own hair requires practice. You must be willing to make mistakes – and pay for their confidence! However, with enough determination finally get it exactly how you want it.