How to Cut Hair Yourself at Home ?

Cutting Hair at Home

My hair was getting the really hard look and the ends were becoming blurred. My shots felt very long and I knew it was that time again … time to get a haircut. During haircuts you fast Pasar luxury in a room have been eliminated. My hairdresser was an operation at some point, we were lucky with that, but most of the time I made it be good just do without. Get haircuts are not considered the needs for me and that was it. I grew long hair and helped reduce hair down maintenance costs.

I entertained the idea of cutting my hair (see this post) and never had the courage to actually do it. Something of my own haircut was very intimidating. No one wants to look too raised right? I thought I could just end badly. Well, finally I have the courage to do so yesterday! (All photos by Aaron Jones)

I used this Faye guide I found on the Internet because the instructions were simple. No need to complicate things.

1. Brush all of your hair as straight as possible. I cut short because I thought it was going to be able to see a little better if it was in real time. (I heard that if the hair is cut wet may be shorter than expected when Seca).

2. Part your hair in the middle and advance both sides. Set aside the hair in a ponytail holder. Tilt your head back and brush hair back so that the hairs are ordered. Hold the hair with the index and middle finger and do not let your hair moves fingers. Scissors are other.

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3. Start cutting. I went for approx. 2 inches.

4. Follow step 2 for the other side.

5. If you do not want a form of “V” in the hair (not), then put your hair into a ponytail at the base of his neck and pull the ponytail holder at the end of your hair. Then just cut the little dot is there. If you want the “V”, then skip this step!

Since I like fringe and I want them to be slightly asymmetrical, I do not feel like I could spoil my bangs too. I started cutting and tried to make them look decent.

After the above steps in and see if there is a strange long hair that need to be trimmed. If so, cut.

Now the advice of my hair silky feels again rather uneven and scraggly as before. After the cup that I really think of the chance to make a long hairstyle, as it turned out to be pretty easy. I think something like a bob or pixie cut would be much more complicated. Maybe next time I’ll do a more drastic cut! It would be fun.

If you have children in your family would be a great money saving tip. Give the smaller haircuts home too!